Merge with Brother Grimm

We are looking for a small alliance that would like to merge. We have room for about 10 members. We don’t require much just hit the Titan every now and then and opt out of war if you don’t want to war. We are happy with our alliance but would like to max out at 30 members and grow together.

If you’re just looking for an alliance then come check us out. If you’re looking for that serious all work no play type of alliance then we are not for you.

Still looking for a small alliance of 10 members or so

My Alliance is also looking for players to join… We need 9-10 new members if you are interested in bringing some of your team across, check us out Blind Leading Blind

Please read above, we are looking for a small alliance to join us. Not we break up our alliance and half join some other alliance.

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