Merge/ recover account


Please help!

I submitted a recover account 29hrs ago, but have heard nothing back.

I reinstalled but nothing and game centre didnt save it.

Hoping they can merge my old with the new lvl1 account it made me setup when i reinstalled. Same facebook sync etc so hope it can be saved…

Maybe one for the moderators to nudge support on?


Hoping someone sees this…


Night, try reporting to HTTPS://Small giant
Hope this helps,


Thats a broken link Azure :frowning: i have reported it so is that just the same thing?


Night, My apologies, small giant is all one word. Try if you know your former account # give them
that, your previous game name, email address and where you live. They
should be able to help you.


Hello Night,
Small Giant should be able to help you, but they do have a number of requests to restore accounts. It will likely be 2-3 business days for them to respond, and possibly a couple days after that to process your request. It sounds like you’ve already placed a ticket with support, but here’s the link anyways:
I hope you get sorted out soon!