Merge multiple game accounts into one account

It could introduce a way to “game” the system. By setting up an alt account which is later merged you have essentially doubled the resource availability of the main account.


I have two accounts, and it sucks to have one hero on the alt that I wish I had on the main. But I signed up for that chance by creating the account. I don’t think I’d actually merge accounts though, as my alt is improving at a nice pace.

A decent idea in theory. But if there are multiple accounts with the ability to merge, you could exponentially increase resources, and that’d be akin to cheating.


As some has pointed out that would be unfair. BUT if you made it NO resources could come on ONLY players. That stops the unfair feeling. ALSO any hero coming on comes on at 1/1 and you MUST drop a player with same power or more.

I never understood the attraction of multiple accounts, or the mechanics, for that matter. What benefits befall multiple account holders? Would anyone care to dispel my ignorance?

I have an alt account that is only level 12 that I use to hold onto an alliance I can return to when I feel like being a one man show. But i don’t play it. I don’t understand why people PLAY on multiple accounts either. One account already takes up more of my time than it should. I can’t imagine farming Atlantis Rises on multiple accounts; it would be more work than fun and would surely send me to an asylum.

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My wife started playing, she’s more casual and semi-competitive. Thus not a good fit for the main alliance. Plus, I wanted to do the beginning levels over and feel the joy and disappointment all over again.

Also, this is really the only game I play. Its not a big deal for me to manage two accounts. The alt account is in the sister alliance to the main, so, I’m not competing against myself.

That’s why I have them. I’d like to hear more about why others have multiples.

I don’t think this will ever happen. I also agree with the above that it’s unfair and could easily game the system

Reason being is that someone can use their invite codes to create a new account. Then use the free gems from VIP (and the starter deals that SG offers t new players) to summon rare (or attempt to summon) heroes.

Then just transfer them to their main account.

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I started my alt acct 4 months after the main. The idea was to see how quickly i could advance, without making all the beginners mistakes.
Also i don’t spend more than $10 a month compared to $25 or less on the main.
After six months, the alt just about caught up to the main, except it has fewer maxed 4* but 1 5* maxed.(main 0 5 maxed)
On Atlantis the alt is 1 province behind, on S1, on the last province (main has it finished).
On the base they are even(SH 21, TC’s at 11×2, 20×1, 1 variable, mines, storages maxed +, everything else at similar levels).
For heroes the alt has 9 4*'s maxed (5 @ 3.60), 1 5* maxed( 6 not past 2 ascent yet), 18 3*'s maxed.
It has enough mats (except compasses 0) to max 1 4* in each element and 2,3 5*'s.
The main: 14 4*(9 @ 3.60), 0 5*(4 @ 3.70), 25 3*'s maxed. Mats are not plentiful, enough for 2 or 3 4*'s.
I’m considering making the alt FTP next year and running the main on VIP only.
I’m a daily player on both, in the same alliance (i started), not a big fan of raids but do everything else.
It is also the only game i play outside of solitaire :grin:.
Have fun.

But if anything you can forget about the resources just want to heroes intact during the transfer just heroes only surely that’s not unreasonable

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It’s precisely the heroes that make it unreasonable.

Resources? Iron, ham, recruits? Who cares about that?

The transfer of heroes summoned for free gems?

Unearned advantage.


I have an alt account that I created trying to accept my sister’s invitation to play WITHOUT letting on that i’d already started and also spent some money… Didn’t work out, but I didn’t want to just trash the alt, so… :woman_shrugging:

But it’s strictly FTP, and I don’t have much time to do anything on it besides titans and however long I can last in raid tournaments. Fewer heroes, fewer of which are maxed, but the alt sometimes does better in tournaments anyway

lol that is never gonna happen, period.

From my perspective, starting an alt account confirmed some of my suspicions that there are elements/events that are just inbuilt and happen automatically. I started an alt and clearly advanced too rapidly and level 5 adventurers kits just stopped (I reached level 12 in under 2 weeks and got to S1:8) without even trying); I conceded my first defeat at 1.7.4, that and my absurdly high Titan scores for a 1560 pt team have lead me to the conclusion that just quitting is the best option. The whole thing is totally rigged.

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Ok well sorry to hear that. Hope you find a more enjoyable game, and very sorry that this will likely be your last post since you will be quitting the game as it is the best option for you. Good luck on your next game!

I actually have a time and financial stake so a rage quit is not happening. I already have a weekly boredom quit period and will continue if I can find an alliance that does not require my daily participation. After one year I cannot score a Wu, but have had countless Hu Tao’s, Chaos and Xi lui’s and so get crap Titan scores while my alt account tells me, without doubt, I am being scammed.

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Good idea, I like it ! :slight_smile:

It won’t happen until after they introduce trading. And we all know when that will be.

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When Hel freezes over :smirk:


Now that’s just cold!


I like that idea, its not abuse its original thinking to bypass corporate greed.

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