Merge Duplicate Heroes Into Single "Slot"

I posted this in another discussion thread and figured I’d post it as an official suggestion.

Additionally, it’d display a small number on the Hero somewhere to show how many of them you have. So simple and small (5) in the bottom right of the hero card.

I like it :+1:

Perhaps it would have to have the proviso that you can’t use the duplicates though, they’re in the freezer, so to speak.


Or when you click on the next spot on the team, the number just decreases.

Like… if you want to run an army of jackals. On your roster jackal could have a little five…

As you fill the five slots in the team, it just goes down… 5, 4, 3, etc…

But there would have to be a way to cycle through the dupes easily… and what about costumes? :thinking:

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I somehow like the idea, although i am not sure if it would work handy. But allow me to expand your idea, because there is another thing where this might be a fantastic solution: TROOPS! :shield: :shield: :shield:

I mean, the number of different troops is pretty limited, so why don’t use a counting system like for all the mats that we acquire to infinity? I literally collected thousands of troops - imagine how annoying it is to look for a specific 1* or 2* troop that was not leveled a little so that it jumps somewhat to the top, but keeps hidden in the dark basement. Or even, if i wish to feed some 1* troops away, i need to scroll through all the 2* first, as there is no possibility for sorting according to their rarity.
Either way - sorting or counting system - would allow to get a better and faster overview of troops in your barracks/storage. In my opinion a number showing how many dupes of each troop you have would be a fantastic solution and i think quite a few players would love to see this implemented. :pray:

Just a question. Why would you level a 1* troop?

I like.

I would not. :crazy_face: (Although it might be a ‘cheap’ way (cough) to get rid of some of them…) :thinking:

Oh wait, i just realized that i indeed have a rainbow set of maxed 1* troops in my inventory. :man_facepalming:
Somehow a feeling is creeping over me, that it had something to do with 2* tournaments quite a while ago… :thinking:

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Wow. Too bad for you, rare hero raid tourneys did only happen once and it will be no more. What are you going to do with your maxed 1* troops now?

Yes, very good idea. I was actually coming into one of the (…many, many…) complain threads to suggest that as an idea and I saw you already had!

Duplicate heroes should all be stored in one hero slot to save space for people.

QOL - go on small giant, help us out!

Yeah, i know about that sad decision - maybe also time to feed away my maxed 2* heroes? :cry:
Anyway, as troop space is not limited (yet), i will bring them some beer every now and then and give them a hug - they will be waiting in my barracks for their mission till the end of days…

Well, i doubt that this will be a viable solution. Although i understand that players would love to save roster space, i think that the piling of heroes will not result in more free slots. I would appreciate if SG gives us any solution alike, but we all know how much roster space costs and can imagine how much money SG earns from that. :roll_eyes:

Hero academy seems a bit underwhelming and still in the works making it frustrating for everyone stockpiling old 5* heroes who had hoped they would be able to do something worthwhile with them.

Proposing an idea to allow duplicates, up to 2 of the same hero, that only take up one spot in the hero roster. This is not a solution nor a game breaking move. Would simply allow a little more wiggle room by opening up rosters.

Interesting to see what people think of this minor minor change

It won’t happen since this will significantly reduce their earnings. Increase Hero Cap is for sale at the in-game Shop at an ever-increasing cost. Either you buy that increased hero storage or feed those dupes quick. Or better yet, propose a solution that foesn’t hurt SG’s pockets. After all, this is business with an aim to raise revenues even if it can be played for free.

Further, I believe this was discussed in a thread or a post somewhere here. The search tool is your amigo. Good luck.

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