☀ Meresankh – Season 5 Hero – 5* Holy / Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

She is surprisingly solid on offense. I have Ogima 2 LB and did a comparison for how my defense held and it was a big difference. I usually hold about 2950 cups but with Meres in there dropped to 2800. Granted, this is comparing a 2 LB hero out there to her who is really good but all in all, she is better than I thought on offense and from going against her on defense when she is 2 LB, a solid option. Yes there are better out there but she is a solid B/B+ hero imo

I don’t have her but when I face her it always seems she fires right when I fill my specials lol so I get her full force. The ones I’ve faced have usually been 2lb’s granted, but I personally think she puts up a better fight than some here give her credit for. Her mana cut at the right time can really turn a battle


Hi, @jkdevore , @Vandermar1979 ,

Thanks for sharing your review.

Cos I haven’t ‘met’ her during Raids or fights, so not sure how irritating she can be.

So came here to find out more about her. :slight_smile:

Can someone tell me why my LB on heros is ALWAYS lower than what it says up top??? Please! Ty

This screen show the 4/80 level after the you limit break.
While in the OP you can see the 4/85 levels.
So once you level this hero to 4/85, then you should see the same values if you have no talents on the hero.


I’m in the process of lvling her, was thinking about this defence setup when I get every card lvled to 85.

Can someone a lot smarter than me tell me if this would be a good synergy on defence or am I out to lunch and just a dummy?

Ohhhh so i get a stat increase off top just for LB? Tyvm i appreciate it lol i feel much better now


Yes, correct, :slight_smile:
You are welcome.

Three Meresankhs in current top10 defenses. She gets featured a lot. Like she was a proper A -lister even though she gets some bad rap here.


She is good for defense, but not necessarily offense. I took her to 90.

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I can’t afford to use mats on def. alone. They’re so rare the hero I level has to do a bit more than be decent on defence & be more of a multi use role. Just was expecting more from her. 250, period. Get rid of the condition wud be a start.


For some reason I have tons of yellows, and poison darts too, like 30 of them or something, but not too many good ones, so she will get tested on offence too. I have heard decent comments about her in that role too.

She can fit that role, yes, especially if you pair her with a Sun family hero.

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Not sure why people on so down on her. I use her on both offense and defense and she rocks. Great stats and mana cut is king. I frequently pair her with Mortimer or 2c Li Xiu . Between the mana cut and silence, it’s pretty easy to negate opposing specials. Her damage is frequently higher than you would expect due to conditional special and passives.

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