Mercs Need Our Support

Love them or hate them there is a considerable amount of our community who Merc themselves out to help us in our times if need. We all know to not overuse this resource as if used indiscriminately it artificially inflates our alliance strength against titans, with the result that the foes we face become stronger and our wars become tougher. Having said that, the majority of us have put out calls for help when that rare or tough titan is just out of reach and we need a helping hand.
These people are hurting with new rules regarding their ability to coup rewards from their help with many of them now considering leaving the game.
People who Merc full-time are the most adversely affected however you may find, in the not-too-distant future that your calls for help go unheeded as this niche becomes extinct.
Celebrate and Support the Mercs!
Please post your stories and concerns here, they appear invincible but need your support & mercs please voice your concerns.
Diversity is required for survival of any community, it would be a shame to see the extinction of mercing.


AII disagree that most of us reach out to mercs. I have never been in an alliance that sought after mercs . We value family and commitment more and would rather let a titan go than get a merc (we also try to stay full at 30 so there’s that).

That said, I have no qualms with people merc’ing. If they found a way to play and get a head, I’m not one to care. Anyone can choose to do it if they want to.

I don’t celebrate mercs, but I have no issues with them either.


Mercing is a players choice & I think it is very wrong to force players to change the way they choose to play the game.

This game has been nerfed on so many fronts, they’re going to turn it into a piece of crap.


Shout out of huge thanks to all mercs. You all rock!

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We had 2 people leave and had to give 2 the boot as they was inactive we was 2 short anyways but to keep up with 8* titans we used a few mercs to keep us steady! As we probably would of dropped down to 7* or maybe 6* if we didn’t get anyone new with a decent teams in a short space of time as recruiting is a bleep!

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