Mercs loot

Do SG did some changes? During last week level of my titan loot is decreased. I tried to wait more than 24h - no effect. Some clue?

Loot isn’t changed.
Maybe your titans are weaker?(less *)
Or you have weaker hits->worse titan drop?

At the moment i have no alliance. Once per 24h i help someone to kill a titan. During this week on titan loot page i see something like “your titan loot level have been decreased - last titan kill time, less than 20h ago”. But…more than 20 hours have passed since i killed the previous one.

Probably this happen beacuse you changing alliances too fast.
This mechanic blocking join->take loot->join another

Maybe…but i am sure - since i changed alliances more than 20 hours passed. And this happend few times this week.

I believe they added some language for escaped titans to say “Decreased Titan Loot - Tier (whatever)”.

Purely cosmetic from what i can see. Loot tier was the same as far as I could tell.

Yes, now you get reduced loot for slaying rare titan if you join clan after it arrived.

LastManStanding, thanks. Looks like, thats it.
And sure, thanks to SG. Every your update feels like holidays!!! Would be Christmas though, if you would unlock some game possiibilities for the players, instead of blocking them.

does this also mean you get a lesser chance at the rare item as well if you merc in after the rare titan appeared?

Not only lesser, you don’t get it at all.

I had been with the same alliance for more than a year. Topping the titan scoring on countless occassion, yet I could count how many 4 * AM I had been getting. Might as well turn merc…jk.

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