Mercs` corner a teaching alliance for those who want to learn and have fun

Mercs corner is a teaching alliance with a great group of members willing to help and have fun.

We are looking for all level players.
Who want to learn and have fun.

No cup requirements or team minimums. We will help you succeed.

All new members must have the LINE app.
This is how we communicate share strategies and post charts to help you maneuver through the game at your best.

Once you have LINE downloaded message “thelusciousone” or my co-leader “fbenz”.

You will receive a password to be accepted in the alliance.
Come learn and have fun with us. Look forward to seeing you.

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Great alliance been apart of it for about a month now, really helpful, and a lot of joking around to, helps pass the time.

We’re an active alliance with lots of feedback and support. If you’re looking to level up quickly and improve your game this is the team for you.

Awesome alliance to be apart of! I’ve learned so much and are getting better results in the game from the knowledge and information shared within the alliance. People are friendly and everyone helps each other. I definitely won’t be going anywhere!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to repost here to get this back to the top and also say that we are still looking for all level players who enjoy working together and have some fun in the process. One requirement is to download the Line app on the iOS App store or Google Play. It’s well worth you time! There is a lot of help offered, tips shared and friendly camaraderie! If you’re looking for a low drama but fun and engaged group, and you also are low drama and engaged player, look us up!

We’re excited to reopen our alliance to new members! We welcome everyone who participates. We do require the Line app, and we are very active.

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