Mercing: Efficient use of—all—Titan flags!

You can also do like myself and plant yourself some 1* titans for harvesting. Any account that had reached experience level 4 (meaning, 1 hour of play) can create an alliance using the starting 100 gems. With that alliance comes a 1* 88 000 titan ASAP. I recommend creating about 10-12 of these so that the alliances you just harvested have the time to recuperate the next 24 hours and drop back to 1* 88k. That way you won’t have any problems with accidentally messing up a starting alliance and killing their 1*, mistakenly thinking that it might be a dead alliance.

As a side note, today I found out that more than one alliance member can be of an A+ rank. This can be helpful to any alliance to get all of their members be always A+ rank on any titan, if they wish so. A lot of effort is required though, and it requires the alliance to have at least 5 slots available at all times. Also a lot of alternate accounts, semi or fully developed is required, based on the * of the titans you are dealing with. How does it happen?

  1. Inflict severe damage on the titan with multiple alt accounts each, never crossing a certain amount of damage with any of them. Edit: Do not attack with your main accounts yet! That kind of damage which can be surpassed by 3 attacks with your main account. So if you can inflict, say, an average of 100k with your three purple flags on an 8*, you can use each and every one of your alts to inflict up to 80-90k. Drop the titan’s health to that average amount of damage you can inflict with 3 purple flags of your main accounts (around 100k in the example).

  2. After all of this, engage the titan with your main accounts at the same time. Coordinate your last attack to be simultaneous, each of the players with their main accounts killing the titan. That way each of your main accounts would have dealt 100k on the titan - more than any of your alts - and all of your main accounts will have exactly the same score - because the titan has a fixed amount of health left.

  3. Each of the players who scored top equal damage with their main accout (let’s say it was 101 562 which the titan had left, you all will have that score if you killled it simultaneously with the last attacks) will get an A+ rank on that same titan.

I know it’s a lot of work, and probably no one out there will be open to the idea of trying that, but still something to ponder on.


Well then it won’t work for me, in my alliance we usually defeat within 12-14h, sometimes faster …
I’d have to persuade the leader to leave it for longer but can’t control other members that just log in and do their attacks when they want.
Maybe one day when I’m in higher ranked alliance.

That is super involved but awesome. I love the A+ strategy.

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Incredible! Smart playing!

That is why our leadership notes when “merc protection” is on and let’s us know when the Titan can be killed. It is to all of our benefit so we all honor it. We typically kill the titan right around the 14 hour mark.

We all have to work what the game gives us! @Saros is on it!


Say what now?! Can you please clarify, In my experience given thousands of titans, only the top titan scorer is ranked A+ :thinking:.

If multiples players have the same high score, they will all get A+. It only requires them to all hit the titan at the same time with enough power to kill it. They will each get credit for the health at the start is what they are indicating.

Thank you @JekylandHyde, I understand the theory behind the idea, @Saros any screenshots to share? Curious :thinking:

@Sarah2 , will make a couple in the next 24 hours.

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I understand the principle and the benefit to whoever is mercing. But we had to close our alliance because of unsolicited mercs.

And that is why I prefer creating my own alliances and killing their 1* titans (planting and harvesting 1* titans, so to speak) rather than meddle into other people’s alliances and businesses. On the other hand, there are those that are really in need of help…

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It’s ok as long as you ask for help or mercs ask if they’re welcome. We were never asked.


You lot is a bunch of peasants.

Multiple A+ on mercing trip:

Just requires some coordination on when to start a hit.

My titan stats:


Thanks @ERROR4 , then it’s not needed to create my own screenshots.

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