Mercing: Efficient use of—all—Titan flags!

Shout out to @ERROR4 for being part of the knowledge/inspiration for this video.

If players/alliances are not mercing, they are missing out on massive amount of food & iron:


Me and my GF started killing one titan per purple flag and have been doing that for almost 2 months. We are also in that window of upgrading the base from SH lvl 21 to 25, and let me tell you, if we didn’t do that, we definitely wouldn’t have the resources to keep our two builders occupied (ViP active). I am really sad that I didn’t encounter that tactic early in the game too. BTW it can be applied by a complete newbie who has absolutely no chance to defeat even a 1* titan. Just need to have a number of alliances set in 2 hour intervals and kept active by alt accounts of level 4 - takes about an hour for each alt account to get there. Then the main account can simply enter, hit the titan once, let it run away and switch to the next alliance, thus gathering a fair share of food and iron per flag for each escaped titan.


I, too, have recently discovered the wonders of mercing. I had over 250 titan flasks sitting around collecting dust. Now I’m slowly turning each of them into ~300K each of ham and iron. (Down to 160 now, with roughly 30M ham saved up in my HA7, on top of having been able to do pretty much whatever i want in terms of leveling up heroes and giving them emblems for the past couple of months, AND being absolutely flush with battle items for challenge and tower events. Mercing accelerates your ability to do almost everything! (4* mats will always remain a bottleneck though, of course.)

ETA: It’s also a little bit surprising how often you get flasks as part of reduced titan loot (mostly world energy and raid energy though, to be clear!).


That is impressive dedication. Kudos and Bow downs!

Agreed! I get a bunch of them. It is really exciting when it is another Titan flask for 3 more kills! Congrats on getting through those flasks!


One thing I noticed - you have to have at least a Loot Tier II or higher for a chance to get a Flask (any type) or a Trainer Hero. I never saw either been given for a Loot Tier I.

I don’t waste titan flags as well and as a result :

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Good to know!

That is awesome! @ERROR4 jus passed +2K!!

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Madness haha. Don’t think i’ll ever get close as i started too late having played for 26 months.

Depending on the player you’re competing with, you can at some distant point outrun them. 365*6=2190 titan kills per year, not even accounting for titan flasks or level ups. Of course you have to be ever vigilant and never let any flag go to waste. But you can do it.

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Just kidding. Ultimately the purpose is not to let something free go to waste. Food / iron will never be enough, especially the former.

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Not had a chance to watch yet. Am sure it will be interesting and useful for a number of users though.

For someone like me who sometimes takes 2/3 days to open a monster chest seems a bit too much effort, but doubt I am the target audience for this one (unlike the interview vids you do which I really enjoy and the test drive of new heroes)

Did just want to say for all the prospective new mercs out there - if you do start jumping around killing titans if it’s an active alliance you go to please be considerate of time zones and dont massacre a titan before the main members have a chance to attack and get their own loot too.



Where is a good place for mercs to find alliances (and vice versa)?

What are recommendations? (Eg line groups? Facebook? Etc)

Just use the ingame alliance search. Type in a random letter and look for alliances that are open and have a really low score.

A 1 or 2 player alliance with a sub 3000 score is ussually a dead alliance.

A 1* will spawn with 88k health.

If you can’t kill it yourself just ask for help in global chat and ussually someone will help out to finish it.


Is it all worth it when now rewards are reduced in your primary alliance?

You go farm some low titans for little resources and then miss 4* mats from rare and so forth… Idk it doesn’t seem worthwhile to me


You won’t miss out on loot in your primary alliance if you time it right.

Time between loot pickup up in your primary alliance and killing next titan in your primary alliance needs to be at least 20h. That secures full loot.


Seems like it can work if the alliance has titan wranglers who are leading that part of the game and communicating to players

There’s almost always someone looking for help in the Peer Support room, in the in-game global chat. A lot of times they’ll need 200k+ help, and several people just jump around from alliance to alliance, all using one flag each, on each titan.

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Thank you for the video @JekylandHyde! I completely agree with you, mercing has a lot of great benefits! I feel silly for not learning about it sooner because I could have completed my base and leveled up my troops to 23 a lot sooner.
Newer players shouldn’t be mislead by the conception that only high level players can merc Titans, anyone can do it! Once you learn the basics, mercing becomes really fun!

The best place is the in-game chat. If you’re having troubles finding Titans in the English chat room, try the Russian one (thank you @ERROR4 for sharing this during your E&P interview :slightly_smiling_face:). You don’t need to know Russian to find alliances as most requests will indicate the HP left on a Titan.


As an alliance that depends on mercs to fulfill our PoV titan requirements …

Thank you from Ancient Islanders!

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As explained in the video, we do not get reduced loot. Our alliance is organized to ensure that we all get full loot while mercing and we do not miss out on the Titan chest. We do not miss out on Rare loot. I just merc’ed and got the telescope from a Rare in our alliance this week.

This is 100% worth it.

100% agreed and thank you/your welcome!

You are welcome!


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