Mercing and ally score (is it bad?)

When our titan is down and a member goes mercing for another titan does that influence our ally points?

What i’m meaning is this. Our titan is down. we got 8 hours till next. So our ally member does 3 attacks elsewhere and returns then. He can easily get 3 new attacks for the new titan. But he didn’t score points for our ally.

Does this have negative influence on our ally score? I don’t think so. I’d like to here reactions from those who know. We’re not sure to allow this because we want to reach top 100. (160 current).

Thank you for reacting :smiley:

I don’t think it would have a negative impact as long as it doesn’t negatively affect how many flags they use on your titans.

The alliance member leaving does affect your alliance score because it also takes into consideration the number of cups each member of your alliance has.

It doesn’t affect your alliance score at all :slight_smile:

The alliance score is comprised of three elements:

  1. Trophy Component - a score based on the total trophies of all members in the alliance… goes up & down based on members & trophies

  2. Titan Component - a score based on the strength of the titans that you have killed in recent times. Some have suggested that the speed of titan kills affects this but I’m not sold on that… It also factors in a couple of the past titans rather than just the most recent one (i.e. time weighted performance).
    This is the factor which influences the likelihood of various titan star ratings (e.g. 75,000 has a higher CHANCE of getting a 10* titan than 70,000… note that it is a CHANCE based on RNG like everything else in this game :stuck_out_tongue:)

  3. War Score Component - a score based on the war performance of your alliance. takes into account the 5 strongest heroes in each players roster, the top 30 heroes in each players roster & the last 20 war performances (wins & losses)

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