Wouldn’t it be cool if they sold figurines of heroes? I’d buy them! Or even just shirts!? I could get a custom one made but don’t want to break some copyright law.


In the true spirit of the game, though, you’d only have a 1.3% chance of getting the size you ordered


I see a lot of friar tuck t-shirts in your future… with renfeld on the back


Summer items:

A set of BBQ tools with Azlar, Colen, Kelilie, and Nashgar on the handles.

REALLY DARK Onatel sunglasses.

Who’s on the official E&P pool side frozen daiquiri maker? MIKKI!

VERY rare sea dragon floaties??


What about E&P university:

  • Gill-Ra make-up classes
  • Wu Kong shooting contest
  • Kiril’s brewery classes
  • Gormek eating contest
  • Justice law school
  • Wilbur fishing expeditions

Or get yet another dawa figurine in one of those collector boxes


This is awesome lol…

I’d take a hunky tween-dream Petri poster and hang it above my bed, complete with those little twinkling lights to enhance the mood…oh, I mean Derric…a Derric poster.


I’d love figurines or stuffed animal versions of heroes and ascension materials and apparel. And how about…

…water bottles that look like world/raid/titan energy flasks
…jewelery with elemental gems
…hero costumes / masks
…plastic or metal hero tokens
…bath towels with the design of turtle/bear/dragon etc. banners
…lunch boxes or big chests with the design of elemental chests


Yeah Im big fan of figures bit of a collecter of he-man transformers and movie characters, would love some of the heros this game has in a figure a guardian jackel would be fn cool :sunglasses:


You can just screen shot a hero you like and make it into a shirt on amazon. Takes a few weeks but worth it

Did you do that? If you did, can you post a picture of that shirt? I can’t imagine the resolution to come out great

I’m going to order one soon

Came here to ask the same thing… Maybe you could create a post under the Ideas category so we can get voting? :smiley:

I’ve got a couple vocaloid figuarts, they are top, top quality… not toys but real quality collectibles. I’d absolutely love it if there were E&P ones of a similar standard (crafted in Japan, because they do everything the best) and would forego groceries for a week if I could buy an Alasie (my first 5-star when she was a returning HotM and I was very new), and a Natalya (my most recent 5-star, and would probably be the most amazing looking figuart, along with Athena and Proteus), and heck maybe a Grimble for the lols!

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Did you get a shirt done? How’d it turn out?


Hm, perfect title for the thread but only 14 replies and dead for half a year. Too bad. I want cups! And stickers! What you could earn from it … Does someone from SG watch?

I would order…

  • a Muggy mug
  • a shirt with a flesh wound
  • a hoodie with Red Hood
  • that hammer of Richard
  • a mana cutting knife
  • an underpanty with Aife
  • socks with Telly and Vela
  • a Tattoo of Inari

and some wine gum of Valhalla, Atlantis and Event coins…




Underpants that read: “Zeline’s”
But what I’d really like is a windmill that makes ham


a smallGiant nerf gun deatomizer

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