Mercenary list

Has anyone created a mercenary watch list? New team and just got hit.

Honestly, you will need to explain that.

This game a merc joins an alliance to kill titan and gain loot. Possibly you were raided and lost cups to a much more powerful team? Get used to that.

No…advised team to hold off killing easy titan until titan chest restarted. Merc joined only to kill titan and left. I want to know how to stop that in the future.

I’m leader/creator of team.

Set your alliance to invite.


You can also boot them before the loot is calculated if you’re angry enough about it…

As he says. You can ask new member what their intentions are, but boot if they don’t chat back.

If you are a low points alliance, a high power team should be suspicious.

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I would but don’t know how to invite through game.

You dont invite…people request. Request will pop up n either accept or reject the request

Yeah, it’s annoying but invite doesn’t mean invite. It means people request and you accept or reject. Have plenty is elders to avoid missing people.

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If it makes it any better, the merc’s loot will be terrible if they do this more than once a day.

Mercs in this game have traditionally been as much altruistic than opportunistic. So it doesn’t really make sense to ask for a list of mercs. Most will come only when requested, state their intentions, and help you kill titans you would otherwise have trouble with. There are Line groups where you can make these requests. You can also look in the Peer Support chat room in game.

What you’re looking for is a watch list of people who abuse the system by coming in uninvited, or perhaps represents themselves as prospective members only to leave as soon as the titan dies. I haven’t seen a list like this.

The suggestions others have made to make your alliance invitation only is the best defense here.

i haven’t seen a mercy in a long time. Could have used a few as we had our first 9 star. If you have 30 in your alliance no one can join or you can set it to invite only

More like poachers…but ok I’ll live with it or kick them or something…no matter

No point having a list because avatar name is not exclusive and you can also change it.

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I would like a list where you can call for merc to help out with titans.


People these days don’t apreciate even free help :face_with_monocle:

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i wish more mercs were out there. We killed our first 9 (with many flasks) then got a 10 rare. Now have another 9 and we aren’t in the ball park yet. A few mercs could have helped out a lot.

If more than 2 titans escape from your alliance a week, you need to ask yourselves, as a group, do you need to recruit stronger players, or remain status quo, remain stagnate. Players will get frustrated and leave, or you have to merge, recruiting merc is not a good solution.

If you’re not strong enough to kill multiple titans in a row at a particular star level without mercs or flasks, choose to let one or two escape at the 11 hour mark. You’ll have full flags for the next one, and you’ll probably drop down a star.

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It was weird. We were killing 7 and 8’s then a 9 popped up. To be expected. We killed it but had to use flasks. Then a rare 10 popped up next. WTH? We tried for shiggles but let it go early. Then got another 9 but I told them to not use
Flasks. Got about halfway and I said to let it go. An 8 popped up now. We’ll kill this one. Didn’t think a rare 10 would pop up that fast

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