Mercenary force now recruiting

Mercenary Force is a new alliance now recruiting. After playing in multiple high ranked alliances and witnessing powertrips and dictatorships, I decided to do the merc thing but am now missing the family aspect of it. So, I have decided to lead my own, and if you would like to join my family and help grow an alliance from the bottom up come check us out! I have simple rules expected: growth, hit the titan more then 3 times a day (4/5 preferred), and war like the theme park 6 flags! If you need to use a team of feeders that’s fine just be active and hit. Also, don’t be a point hoarder. Being a TEAM means sacrificing some personal points for the betterment of the alliance, and guarantees more wins.

I’m looking for 1200 cups and 3000ish tp but if you are lower that will not be a problem. Message me for anymore info!

P.S. If you played Boom Beach and my name and alliance sound familiar, yes I’m the same guy and the Alliance will be ran the exact same way. So if you were one of my friends there why not come make the same great family once again…

Thanks for checking us out, see you on the battle field!

28 spots available🤣 hurry befor I’m full

27spots now… if you love the game as much as I do come check us out

Still space

25 spots … were growing

Hope every ones war went good!
Still spots available

Dropped requirement to 600cups come on by

No join requirement come on by

You want to merge with us and continue kicking some tail.?

I will promote you to the rank of your choosing (coleader?) and we can beef up our squads together! I just had a semi merge with another alliance of strong players looking for an active veteran alliance. What say YOU?

Not interested in a merge yet too early to decide

Completely understood - thank you for your reply. Good luck in E&P!

Alliance has been made open no join requirements 23spots available

Daily bump 22 spots available

21 spots available will u be my tenth?

19 spots come on by… 200 cup requirement

19 spots available…

18 spots grab em befor they gone

17 now come on in we’re up to 5* at 14days old why not come be my 14th member…

Spots still open, currently a 5* rare blue titan with chance at a scope. Why not join before you miss it?

Want to join an alliance and not a dictatorship? Come on by and check us out!

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