Mercenaries should get the same prizes as anyone else!

Hi, we like to hire mercenaries for certain titans, but we recently found out that they receive smaller rewards if they join the alliance while the titan already showed up - that’s not fair! Some permanent members only start fighting the titan in the last couple of hours or even minutes, and those are not underprivileged and disadvantaged as the mercenaries! And of course they should not!! No one should be!! Please change this again! Everyone should be free to decide whether he or she wants to be in an alliance permanently or just help different alliances to fight titans without being discriminated!!

sad truth

Everyone can already do what you are asking for.

I’m glad they fixed this system. Loot was their real intention and not to help others to beat stronger titans. From all angles mercs system was wrong. Problem is not just that mercs got more loot, you also got better loot than you supposed to get.

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…That’s the truth…

Absolutely not! Their intention might be to get more loot, that’s fine, why not? The effect is that they do help the alliances to fight stronger titans! They invested a lot of effort and/or money to become that strong, if they are trying to get more loot, who cares?! Get over being jealous! The put in a lot of effort to get where they are today!

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Actually, I believe an alliance should take down a titan on their own merits… if they can’t, they should be fighting lesser titans


The devs care. Rare mats are how they gate overall progress, and their data showed that (some) mercs were pulling in far more rare mats than the design rate. So they throttled the rate for mercs to keep their loot in balance.

Titan scores also (used to?) determine war match-ups. Mercs skew Titan scores but don’t help in wars, so screw(ed) up war matching.

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The Problem is Carascon, that nobody invited a merc to my alliance. If the request would state " Hi, I am a merc. Need help with Titan?" it would be fine but this never happens. They just come in, kill Titan and leave even if the alliance would have killed the Titan on their own! That’s the Point with mercs…

But everyone is free. Freedom of choice also means dealing with the consequences of those choices.

My alliance had mercs twice to help us beat Titans we wouldn’t be able to otherwise, and I thank them for their job, even though I’m against the idea of someone coming over. I’m also of the opinion that if we can’t beat a 6-star Titan but can do with a 5-star one, we should stick to killing 5 and letting 6 flee.

The idea of an alliance is to have union and friendship. A mercenary works like they do irl. They get paid for their work, just not as much as the rest of people. Mercs can hit more than one Titan a day, getting loot from them, it’s fair the way the system is.

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