Merc LINE Group Please

Hey Everyone! Venom here leader of Rising Tides alliance I was womdering if anybody knew of a Mercenaries (Merc) LINE group I could get invited to? We normally only need help on rares I am in one currently but it is sort of small.

I know the rules of said groups and will absolutely follow them! Any help would be appreciated if anybody has one of these groups they can connect me with.

My Line ID is : Venomx28

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ll tag @Rook who is involved in everything and also a moderator in at least one merc line group I know of - Good luck!

I’ll find you on Line and invite you (I’m Rook there too, line ID chibipotato16). :slight_smile:

Each line room is independent of the Forum and has its own rules; please abide by them to not get kicked.

Perfect! I’m all set thank you very much! :slight_smile:

May I be invited, too? We sometimes need mercs for rare titans… like the one we have right now.

My line ID is: maiko-boo
Display name: Maiko (YodaCandy)

Where can I find the merc chat group rules? I’m new to asking for mercs. I’m a co-leader of a group called Guardians University and I think it’d be useful for me to know how to reach mercs. Thank you!!

See comments on Line. You have been added. :slight_smile:

Thank you for adding me on once again.

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Can I be added? I need to help me team beat a rare titan

Yes but I’ll either need your line ID, or you’ll need mine (chibipotato16).

Add me on Line and ask there. :+1:

Add me plase and Thank you Line ID -docx- use the Hyphens too!

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