Merc help hotlines?

I don’t bother mercs or other players to join and help because the ingame chats are a little annoying to talk over the spam and to complete with hundreds others.
I’ve heard of Merc groups helping out, when help is actually needed, I’d never bother them unless the titan was in range and it was mutually beneficial for everyone.
Can anyone point me in the direction of a merc group on “Line” In the off chance my group needs help? Its painful to let a rare titan go with those emblems and a bunch of people flasking pains me equally. Thanks in advance.

I suggest you add your LINE ID so people can search for you and add you. :slight_smile:

It’s under Profile > Settings > LINE ID.

If you haven’t made a point of setting it before, it may be blank, as it’s not set by default.


Thanks for your quick reply and usefull info @zephyr1

Ahhem, any Mercs out there that want some much appreciated extremely part time work, please add me to your line for upcoming rare titans! Mine is in my profile. Thanks in advance!!! :smile: