Mention TWO 5* slow heroes u AFRAID MOST and AFRAID LEAST

2 slow 5* i afraid most:

  1. Azlar
  2. Alby

2 slow 5* i afraid least:

  1. Horghall
  2. Quintus
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Afraid most
Isarnia, Quintus

Afraid less
Alby, Horghall

Most: Alby, Mom North
Less: Quintus, Justice

Scary: Isarnia , Azlar

Meh: Khagan, Horghall

Most: Mrs. Clause, Alberich
Less: Isarnia, Thorne… (I have Mitsuko to bounce special skill damage and status effect back to caster)

Most: Azlar, Mother
Least: Thorne, Khagan

Most: Isarnia, Azlar
Least: Khagan, Vivica

Afraid more of : Azlar and isarnia
Afraid less of : quintus and justice

Afraid most: Azlar and Isarnia (pretty much game over if these heroes gets to fire their special. IF they are maxed! Lvl70 Isa and Azlar are harmless)

Least: Vivica and Horghall

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Afraid of: Azlar/Isarnia, honorable mention Mother North.

Not afraid of: a lot of them, but mostly commonly used would be Quintus/Justice

Most: Isarnia, Azlar
Least: Elena, Vivica

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Most: Mother North and Isarnia/Azlar.
Less: Vivica and Khagan.

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afraid: Azlar and Isarnia/MNorth
Least: Vivica and Khagan/Horg/Thorne/Justice

Sorry more than 2 but some of them are on the same level there.

Scary :Isarnia, Mother North
Lol : Vivica, Justice

Most: Azlar, Mother North
Least: Vivica, Khagan

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Most: Alberich, Guardian Owl (though Owl is very slow)
Least: Horghall, Justice

*** Thorne is not slow :man_facepalming: ***

Most: Azlar and Mother North

Less: Vivica and Khagan

Most: Alberich and Mother North
Having several dead heroes brought back (and in Alberich’s case, healed and Mana buffed) is a BAD feeling.

Least: Elena and Quintus
These two are “squishy” and never get to cast.

Most feared if they fire: Yunan and Isarnia/Kunchen

Least concern if they fire: Khagan and Horghall

Most: Isarnia especially if early on, and Alby

Least: Quintus and Khagan.

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