Mental health is more than a word!

I’ve just run out of likes. Again. :unamused:



You will be missed here, but you need to take care of yourself first. Stay healthy (both physical and mental) and stay safe. Just remember that all the negativity is really affecting them more than you. I think Covid frustration is leading to a rise in general frustration all over.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make the odd token appearance on Discord, especially if I make up any more lyrics.


All, you’re very sweet and kind, and thank you for being here for me. It means a lot.

Big hugs, y’all are awesome. I had to log in again to say thanks but also because I saw the most asinine troll thread saying flags in our base = rainbow LGBT flag = insulting to Muslims.

In any case, I think I’ll be back sooner rather than later but only if I can manage to confine myself to Community Content.

To be fair, most of the negative experiences I have here aren’t posts directed at me, rather they are second hand negative experiences. I get upset seeing other posters get ridiculed for venting, for demanding more (and being called selfish for thinking the game owes them something), receiving sarcasm when they vent etc. But whatever!

Anyway off to the gym and a weekend of exporting the City

Thanks again @sft1965 @Sarah2 @Mistress_of_Shadows @SamMe @Pike @nevarmaor @JGE you all are wonderful. @Tess_01 too a special shout out


Ah yes, symbolic hijacking seems to be the new norm, along with all the intolerance going on.

The LGBT flag is just an inverted Peace Flag, which precedes it. Who is against peace?


Will look forward to seeing your posts if/ when you start posting again. I know I don’t normally post in the more chatty threads, but I do enjoy your voice of reason posts dotted around. Take care.


I love you for being mental/your sense of humour! For example, thought it was so funny that you may even remove the plastic off your couch for @JGE. :rofl:

It’s this post for anyone interested.


Yeah I was one that straight away. I may not be the most sensitive or sympathetic of people at times but anything like that is getting shut down. No place in the world for that nonsense.

And @sleepyhead you are a kind, generous and sympathetic person. I know that much like with TGW I’m probably the chalk to your cheese but don’t stop being you. If I’m being a ■■■■■■■, call me out on it. I may not have the same empathic tolerance you have but generally I’m not trying to be nasty.



By the time I’d almost finished my long reply to your original taking a break post here, you’d already posted a second reply. :sweat_smile:

Big hugs right back!

I do hope you’ll be back sooner instead of later. However, please remember to take all the time you need. As I’ve written to @Sarah2 earlier in the year, and now towards you: I’ll always support doing what’s best for you. :two_hearts:

On negativity: I am someone who strongly prefers to be positive, and treat others how I’d like to be treated (regardless of whether it is online or IRL).

So, I have a low tolerance for rudeness, and can definitely understand how negativity can get you down.

That written, I didn’t get upset with that particular thread (I’m over it). I just tried to offer my perspective there, showing empathy to the OP. That’s how I try to roll. :wink:

Hope you enjoyed your workout, and exploring the city. I’ll finish up with this:

Also, another shout out to @Sarah2 and @Mistress_of_Shadows for your ongoing support. I really appreciate it.

@sft1965 I’m sorry if this long post is too far from your OP. I think that you would be ok, since it’s related to mental health?


hey all, thanks for your continued support. I keep myself logged out now, but I do check the threads from time to time to see if anyone’s been addressing me, and a reply (especially a nice one) deserves another :slight_smile:

@Kilted that’s very sweet of you, and it means a lot!

and I especially don’t like leaving a misunderstanding or negative vibes, so…

@Cheds very kind of you to say, thank you. And I know, though indeed we’re like chalk and cheese, I recognize and know your kind heart. I saw you flag that nonsense. And besides, though you may not be always sympathetic your posts generally come from a good place re encouraging people to stop doing things that don’t make them happy (and your focus on people NOT gambling themselves into debt in this game). Also, you’re sensitive enough that I know calling your behavior out will at least be considered (whereas there are other posters here whom I’ve given up on - can’t teach an old dog new tricks?)

anyway to sum up, we’re chalk and cheese but you’re a good person, and because of that I’ve no ill will towards you. and don’t worry, I would never (and have never) considered your posts as the worst of the forum, there are many others much much worse. my taking a break has been brewing for some time and your posts were hardly the main reasons for that. I hope I haven’t caused you distress in making you think that. (one reason I really wanted to reply, was to tell you this, I didn’t want to leave a cloud over you)

Peace :slight_smile:

@SamMe thanks for the hugs! hee hee, I’m a long poster indeed, it generally doesn’t take long for me to think of a (long) reply. You are one of the forum posters who buoy me up the most, I know whenever I see a post of yours it’s positive, thoughtful and kind. I also dislike rudeness. That’s a lovely quote too, one I will live by :wink:

BTw, thanks for posting some of TGW’s greatest hits on the tribute thread, I’ve been sharing with Eagle as she doesn’t check the forums as much, and s you can see she really appreciated it!

and indeed @Sarah2 @Mistress_of_Shadows you are both epic, @Sarah2 a shining light of kindness while @Mistress_of_Shadows with a no-nonsense realistic and funny point of view

and @sft1965 indeed buddy, thanks for letting me add to your thread, sorry, I didn’t want to create a new one and thought this was a good existing one to post to, I’ll try not to take too much of it

you all are wonderful, thanks a ton.


That’s totally fine. The original post was a response to a particular corporates relentless bullying, despite their public statement, that has been ongoing for over a year now, I resent having to take medication daily for something that only normally occupies me for about 3 out of every 15 months.

I’m more than happy for the thread to be used by anyone who is caused hurt or suffers. Sadly, the default for some people is just to be nasty and it makes them lesser people. I don’t always get it right either but some things are just never okay.


Sorry, missed replying earlier too. Yeah, I also thought this hijacking thread here (that was closed down) was a troll. But the scary part is , I know people who believe in that. One reason I left my home country to move to Western Europe :wink: all for my mental health


I know you weren’t replying to me but I missed that entire episode (we inhabit different parts of the forum). For anyone interested @sleepyhead is one of my bosses and I love him to bits. :heart:


I hope you feel all right here in Europe. A person very close to me have just recently participated in their first ever Gay Pride, and I was happy to see them come back happily from it! But still, I hear often about intolerance, people denying and kicking out their own kids, etc. Not at all cloudless - yet, I hope. Better times should come.


@sft1965 First, thank you kindly for sharing your thread with us. I appreciate the space to touch on mental health in your thread.

Second, look you have the honour of my first quote since I signed up to the forum. :rofl:

As I’ve written in @Mistress_of_Shadows’ great positive thread, it’s not okay for people to get upset/unnecessary rude/personally attack any forum user, simply because they disagree with you.

It is sad, but the reality is that some people seem to be haters/keyboard warriors. Those people simply aren’t worth it.

Lovely people such yourself are definitely worth my time. :two_hearts:



i don’t know, i ask myself sometimes, should i bother? with this, with that, with anything?

i think the answer is yes, but often i don’t how to get there.

then i arrive at the question, again… and, i don’t know…


I think you just answered the meaning of life.


Believe me, I feel honoured. I recall you mentioning that quoting and such was hard work on a phone. It seems like an injustice that girls now like me for reasons I fail to understand. Gays have never been an issue, they seem to intuitively understand I’m not remotely homophobic which is cool because I like them mostly. I could relate a couple of funny personal stories but they aren’t quite PG.

So thank you wonderful person. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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@Vixx makes a great point - take some time to be kind, we don’t know what someone else is going through :slight_smile:

@Gartenerbsen thanks, I feel more than comfortable in Europe - I feel at home. I do know of pockets here and there, I have a Dutch friend who can’t come out in his small hometown as it’s in the Dutch Bible belt… I feel for him. Though in relative terms it’s generally better here, that’s not much comfort to someone in a bad situation. I, on the other hand, have seen my happiness greatly increase since I’ve moved to Europe.

@sft1965 I love you to bits too my friend. Thank you for your selflessness in creating this thread and sharing it with others.

@Sam-I-Am sending good vibes your way. it can be tough, and sometimes it can feel like there’s no endpoint… know you’re not alone.


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