Mental health is more than a word!

I’ve been absent for a while and there are reasons way too mundane (and in my case not open to) discussions)

Here is how I am known elsewhere, it makes things worthwhile at times. Take care and bless!!

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Some people are truly going through some situations in RL, the best we could do is empathize with them, it costs nothing…still playing apart together.


@sft1965 I completely understand your situation, and not going to make fun.

I’ve suffered from a number of personal issues of my own. Probably not the same as yours exactly, all of our minds work differently. But I’ve been in some very dark places in my life, so I empathize in my own way.

I used to be part of support networks myself. That’s actually where I met my girlfriend. I knew as soon as I met her that I had finally found a kindred spirit. My “soul mate” if you will. She suffers from a bunch of assorted ■■■■■■■■ herself (won’t go into details, but some really bad stuff, stuff that makes my bad stuff seem like a walk in the park in comparison).

The only reason I’m able to somewhat keep my composure (both online and IRL) is because of her. We support each other. We balance each other’s moods out perfectly. We make each other stronger. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her (definitely no where good).

Sorry… here I am talking about myself… never mind. What I’m trying to say in my own socially awkward way, is that I understand what you’re going through, and that I’m willing to talk if you need someone to talk to.



I believe you were talking about a personal experience. Not yourself. I actually spared all the full nastiness in the original post. I actually have progressive brain damage from my first failed suicide; the second time where I went with 8 times the lethal dose AND failed again ( the most horrific hours of my life); hardly worth a mention.

My point is is if people don’t appear to be rational they may not be. I stupidly thought (for the 15th time) I could go without meds because i was ‘fine’. How well did that work out for me?

EDIT: I actually ran out of meds and as time passed and the whole Covid thing going on it became progressively harder and harder to deal with going to the doctor.

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I think rational can be hard to define. Is it irrational to feel bad when bad things happen to you? I don’t think so. I think it would be irrational to feel otherwise. But I don’t want to mess with whatever your doctors are telling you or anything… gotten in trouble for that before (what do I know… they went to school for a few years to study people with depression, I’ve just experienced it firsthand for a couple of decades… got no fancy degrees hanging on my wall to prove it or anything…)

But anyway. The offer is still open, if you want to talk to someone who won’t judge you.

Best wishes, friend. :hugs:


Delusions don’t actually work that way, but bless you. My doctor knows what he is dealing with and he has been excellent for the most part… “Crazy” doesn’t translate to “rational” in the real world; he understands this!!


@sft1965 I am happy to see you back, we miss you over on the When Suddenly thread. (We paired Hawkmoon up with TGW and sent them on a cruise!)

It’s good that you’re opening up and joining support groups. When I saw “drug resistant” on your screenshot, I realized how much of a struggle it must be. I have some relatives who also have drug-resistant conditions, and it took the family a lot of time, effort and stress trying out different things until we found something that works well most of the time… and that is still “most”.

Like TGW said, I hope we can offer you some sort of comfort here, too. Community Content is usually a good place for that :slight_smile: And if you do feel the need for some support, please ask for it here, it’s great you’ve made a thread to open up.


@sleepyhead, @Math4lyfe , @akionna, @nevarmaor and @Saphirra, my experience here would be diminished without you!!


@sft1965 definitely good to have you back :slight_smile:


How could you do that you brutes! My Hawkmoon would be cool with cocoa and a woolen blanket. L’horreur!!


that’s why you have to come back and do something about it!!! :wink: ah, but then you will spoil TGW’s happiness! :sweat_smile:


Nothing against TGW (I love the guy) but Hawkmoon… I love like a teenage daughter; mess with her at your peril!!!

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And I have to add; these are mobile phone game characters. I’m not that nuts!!

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Hawkmoon is my lady! We are in love, and I intend to take her as my bride!


in character

But has anyone asked Hawkmoon what SHE wants?!?!?

out of character


Like a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced…

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She loves me as well! Both her normal version and her costumed version. They both love me!

In both my normal costume and my… er, um… “other” costume.

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What is it with you macho types. I get to just ‘like’ a girl and it’s evil. Give me a break :laughing:

Normal TGW costume

Other TGW costume


He is welcome to stay anytime! It’ll give me some cred’.

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