🌿 Memento seasonal events



For about 15 days or more (santa 1 month), these events have a calendar of daily offers.
Epic tokens can be used to summon seasonal heroes.
There are minimum 20 levels (2 modes : normal and advanced) and no rankings

Here the last seasonal events.

Santa’s Challenge

Return in Morlovia

Sand Empire


Link classic events > 🌟 Memento 5 Events

Anyone have a monster "map" for the halloween event?
:star2: Memento 5 Events
Return to Morlovia - don’t be put off!
Today is 22nd Oct :D
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New Season a 3.d season maybe
:star2: Memento 5 Events
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Santa’s Challenge

Return in Morlovia




Summon portals (example sand empire)


Calendar of offers (example sand empire)

Halloween Event or Legends of Transylvania?

Halloween is publishing now. Good luck all !


Thanks for your work and good luck you too!!


Thank you Mariamne :slight_smile:
The only missing event is the christmas event. I’m looking forward for your work on it :grin::+1:


This graphics also use in my spreadsheet :yum:

Did you have winter event graphics?


Thank you for these, Mariamne!


Loved it.
Thanks :hugs:



I’m feeling stupid, but what is the blue wave thingie that is 3 for normal and 4 for advanced signifying?


Thank you for the pictures!


You really beats me asking.
Let me join the club feeling the same way :rofl:


Yes blue waves are the number of waves
I try use more icons and less words. I think it s better … :wink:


Sorry my phone do sometimes strange things :rofl: I suppose because english is not my native language


I m a young player i will try to found informations “Save the winter”


Save the winter

Special rules : Ice blocks

Last stage : monsters red
Final Boss :

Reward : snowman portrait

Other topic : [Raw Data] Winter Fun! Calendar


I guess somewhere along the way (next year), SGG might also include the Jack O’ Hare avatar as the reward for completing stage 10 in the Advanced Tier of Springvale (as they did with Valeria in the Return to Morlovia this year). Problem is, next time Springvale comes along, they are probably going to have to implement a system to check to see if the player already have the Squire Wabbit and Master Lepus Avatars and provide something else as alternative rewards since repeated avatars aren’t really useful.


It would have a graphic with the phases and leaders of the Christmas event???


@Mariamne I’m wait your graphics to add this in spreadsheet of events


The graphic is ready with more informations (food iron xp …) but … i must wait 1st december.
I don’t want @Rook and @Petri punish me and take my gifts :wink: