Memento Heroes Classes and Quests



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@Mariamne I thought that the bosses were identical to the heroes with talents & stats fully levelled, for us to understand the effects of talents and stats increase
If I consider as example your trails of strenght, Elena deals 172% damages. On the 7DD website, the card says 196% and on my game (french version) it’s 175%. Nashgar deals 250% damage on your image, 290% on my game and on the 7DD website
The talents of Nashgar and Azlar are said to be 15% chance. These heroes trained will have 30% chance like you say for Elena and Oberon
So do you know what are the rules ?
Unfortunately, I don’t had the idea to ckeck at the first trial


If they had the same skills as the heroes with their “boss hp” then Vivica would have been OP, if they had their normal “heroes hp” we could have killed them with just axes and arrows.


I will verify my videos but it s different elena heroes and elena boss (similar but not same).


Thanks for the info.

I compared my notes of the bosses in the Trials of strength vs. the info card and there are some differences in the specials.
Nashgar: DOT varies between stages, easy: 144, challenging: 306 (over 6 turns) - 144 in the card
Oberon: DOT varies between stages, easy: 144, medium: 180 (over 6 turns) - 240 in the card
Azlar: DOT varies between stages, medium: 414, challenging: 696 (over 6 turns) - 774 in the card


@Mariamne Thank you so much for this and all the other infographics you put out! All top notch!


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Just one question: if you add Jinx to Kiril, then you get a chance of extra damage. But how does Kiril deliver damage as a healer? Who is the target? Or does it apply to all enemies and only works on tile damage in that case?


I think blue tiles damages (because kiril is blue)


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I keep coming back to this thread to decide which challenges I most need stronger heroes in. So it saves a lot of mental time to memorize these two loops. I was having a hard time though because the pattern isn’t as thematic as I want: melee and magic are mixed into both loops. But an idea that helped me finally get it right is one is the evil loop and one is the good loop. If I remember that then I can start the evil loop with rogue and sorcerer then walk around thematically: rogue is a faster barbarian who is a less principled fighter, sorcerer gets wizard and we’re done. On the good side the most holy two are Monk and cleric, cleric is almost druid who shares forest with ranger, monk is a holy hand fighter just a moment from paladin. Anyhow the most holy and most evil finally helped me memorize the ten challenge pairs.


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could you explain what happens when Melia summons a thorne minnion, I’m totally lost on this. When or what makes Melia summon.


The Druid class ability summons a Thorn Minion with a 3/6/9/12/15% probability (depending on the level of the skill, on receiving any damage. So for each tile, slash, or special attack on Melia, she has a chance to summon a minion with 15% of her max HP. Damage against a minion can also summon a minion. Minions alive at the end of a turn also attack, although we haven’t established the % attack.


Add kunchen heroes … 20 cookies


How do you calculate a maxed 5* with full talent?
How much hp can be given? Shield? Attack?
I know you pick some along the way but what is the max for each?


@Mariamne your work is truly amazing, could I have a blank template of this image please :slight_smile:


I used (dates) Balloon Bd BT Semi-Condensed (size 25) :


Excellent work, thanks very much. Mariamne