Memento Heroes Classes and Quests



@Andynovo better like this ?


What a nice collaboration between you two, @Mariamne and @Andynovo! I think this version is much more visually digestible than the first.



Are you watchin this thread for wiki stuff?


You know it! :grin:

Mariamné’s work is pretty heavily integrated throughout the entire Quest and Event series of pages (with permission, of course!).


This is awesome! Thanks! :smiley:


Vary helpful … :clap:t2:@Mariamne and @Andynovo! Thank you…


Here we go!


i think this should be put in main post?
possible order


@Andynovo thank you for your graphic idea for the Class quest graphic.

@Mariamne ( shipping you a box of homemade Holiday macaroons ).


I pasted your list to the table “trials of”


Does Justice happen twice in the roatation?


nope. error. edited. thx


Once again, thank you so much @Mariamne!

You make helping my alliance so much easier!


Your idea with the circles is the best. It makes the version with tables not needed. Now maybe just wait to see in which order we get the quests and add that.


how often does the trial appear per wk?


The trials are twice per week, rotating through the 10 of them.


@Mariamne - am I missing something? - I can only see one class of hero for each trial?


I don t understand your question…

Horizontal 1st class vertical 2nd class
In circle trials name is between his 2 classes

In rotation list i had just pasted icons and labels of trials


Okay, let‘s take Trial of strength - horizontal is Fighter. Vertical is also Fighter… same for the rest.
Or I am just too dense to understand :woman_shrugging:


Trial of Strength = Barbarian x Fighter
Barbarian x Fighter = Fighter x Barbarian