Memento Heroes Classes and Quests



You mean something like that Marianne ? :slight_smile:


Yes. Great job.
You could add your name on picture
Traduction : GrandGousier

If i have enough time i will publish picture “trials of” without text. Everybody could write on.


I see the stage power 4000 very much resembles a seasonal event where the boss is really hard.
Is it true?


Some fights are long. I always used good items (bombs and hourglasses).
Fights are sometimes harder than others because my heroes are not full leveled or aggressive (example fight with only 2 hitters).


Thanks for this work and info.


Version “clean” for tutorials in other language. You could use these pictures.


Thanks @mariamne, I know making a blank version had to take time. :slight_smile:


Thank you Marianne ! Could you post also your Association classes (trials of) ? :sunglasses:


And so it begins!


oh wow i just got this also… let’s try it out


Awesome graphics! Appreciate having access to this for my quest adventures. I always like to prepare in advance to set my teams according to bosses and monsters.


And only can bring this hero oh my god :sob::sob::sob:


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocios :smile:


It is costing A LOT of energy to do these trails!


Yep, the flag costs are the same as in beta and @Mariamne’s guides it seems. The 24 hour period for them is interesting…doesn’t allow for a huge amount of wiggle room, though you only technically need 6 hours of flags to complete all 3 stages assuming no retries are needed.

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Thx mariamne, your works is very good and so professionally made :blush::+1:


Héhé merci beaucoup Marianne


I’cant seem to find the order in which the Trials will appear. It has been posted somewhere?


I just finished the medium stage with a 2877 team super easily. The team strength recommendations seem to be way too high. I also noticed that in the easy stage.

As a reference: In the Winter Seasonal Event the team strength recommendations were right on spot. When I reached the stages with a recommendation that was about my team value, it got really difficult for me.