Memento Heroes Classes and Quests



Hello, a consultation where I can find the images in Spanish if you can help me I would really appreciate it


Does anyone know if the buffs/debuffs from talents are dispellable/undispellable and if they stackup? Ty :slight_smile:


Effect dispellable and barbarian effect is stackup.
But many effects are immediate effect (example dogue)


Actually i do a english version because english is official language.
Perhaps i will do a french version (my native language) but it s a long work (many hours and i need collect informations in french)


So effect dispellableā€¦ thats good to knowā€¦
Only barbariansā€™ effect stackup? Kirilsā€™ 30% defense buff will get overwritten on paladins to 25%? that sucksā€¦

you ment rogue, right?


ok thank you very much for taking the time to answer


Just barbarian is stackable i think

Look at details here :

During tests i can t test cumulative effect kiril defense and paladin effect because i don t have a paladin full. Perhaps @Kerridoc ?


was checking on itā€¦ bummerā€¦
well guess iā€™ll like the offensive talents thenā€¦ wizard, barbarian, fighter, ranger, sorcererā€¦

do you know if the thorn minion from companion does anything? or is just meat shield?

and thanks! you are too kind! :slight_smile:


they can attack but i can not tell you about their stats


Talents stack with special effects, so a paladin with a turtle banner active can get extra +defense from their talent. I donā€™t know whether the paladin +25% is calculated from the base defense (without the banner) or modified defense.

Do classes stack with abilities?

Twice per week for Class Quests:

What are Class Quests?

  • Class Quests are new quests that reward the players with Class Emblems.
  • Class Quests can be found on the Quests Map.
  • There is a new Class Quest twice a week.
  • Each Class Quest has three stages.
    • Easy stage that opens on Player Level 15.
    • Medium stage that opens on Player Level 20.
    • Hard stage that opens on Player Level 30.

Rare titans and higher star titans were designed for classes.


Thanks for all of this, it will help a lot!

I wonder why SG decided to putt so few 5*ā€™s in cleric class


Alberich had been there, but we collectively whined about having MN and Alberich in the same case.


Brienne (boss Trials of Nature stage 3) with a thorn minion


Thorn minion hits Alasie (4.80) and Brienne normal hit on Lianna (3.70)


Information Brienne during fight (with his minion). Thorn minion received Redhood attack


Horghall special attack and his thorn minion attack (4 points) on Alasie



thank you :hugs:

that must be the easy levelā€¦ brienne has 48% attack increase


No last stage



and the thorn minion has 5% castersā€™ health as per calculationā€¦


That does make sense. It would suck to have both and not be able to switch up which one you have if a certain quest didnt allow cleric.


In my example Brienne is a boss. She has more life than a heroes.
I donā€™t have video with thorn minion during raid, sorry.


Iā€™d be wary of drawing conclusions from boss mobs. Their parameters are often tweaked from hero parametersā€”not just their stats, but special skills, mana speed, etc.