Memento Heroes Classes and Quests



I just did a bit of a sheets mashup using the class list sheet from Rilf (I think there’s a link above) … and who the opponents are for each trial, so you can see what color monsters and heroes you are facing and what heroes you can use against them in each trial.

I did a rather non-beautiful quick and dirty google sheet version, instead of the kind of wonderful graphics that @Mariamne does. (If you want to make a graphic with either all of this info (it is probably too much to stuff together) or just columns A-F with the quest info, leaving people to look up the heros they can choose from as a separate list, I’d LOVE it.


Thank you… This is nice…


Did I miss the answer to how many emblems are required to improve a hero?


The guide linked above in the top post has the totals, which are:

  • 3 :star: – 233 :large_blue_circle:
  • 4 :star: – 505 :large_blue_circle:
  • 5 :star: – 1500 :large_blue_circle:

That’s to totally max a hero. See the spreadsheet for the incremental steps.


after I saw the trial class video. what I want to ask means that not all heroes can take trial classes? so only a hero who fits the blue emblem can we carry?
@Kerridoc @Mariamne


A heroes is in classe. It s predefined not a choice. For trials you could only use 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* heroes with classes restriction of trials (shadows only rogue or sorcerer).


I can see this is just one more waiting game. Ive been playing for 1.5 years now and have several 5 * heroes that i cant ascend due to every one of them is missing a tome. Ive seen one. If i cant obtain the necessary items to max my heroes then why all this. Im frustrated enough not being able to fully ascend my heroes. Now im supposed to wait forever to maxagain. No thanks


I’m a little confused by these Emblem totals. The 4* and 3* emblem costs represent totals if you go down both sides. Since you can only choose one side or the other, the total cost to get to the bottom should be 505 for a 4* and 240 for a 3*. The 5* total seems to be accurate since it only includes the center and one side.


@Ricksta I haven’t studied the tier costs enough to have a smart answer to that, but it’s a good question that I’ll look at later when I’m sitting down.

In the meantime, maybe @Kerridoc @Madmarv @Rilf @Rook or @Mariamne can shed some light from their experiences in beta.


If those emblems drops evenly distributed we’ll need around 1500x10 = 15000 to max some 5* hero.

Judging by the screenshots provided by community there is 2 emblems loot in ordinary chests.
And 36 emblems summary for each quest of those.
And still unknown how much for war and titans (let it be an average of 5, given the amount in other sources).

If quests will be daily (doubt it) we’ll get around 50 emblems every day (doubt it too) playing very active. It’s almost 1 year of grind to max some first 5* heroes under the most optimistic assumptions.

Hope that I’m wrong, but…


Yes, you’ve reached the same conclusion those of us in beta did. That has been the biggest topic of discussion about the new addition to the game.


It is meant asnew endgame content.
So there are pros and cons of low frequency.
Let us wait a bit how we end up leveling in some weeks.

There are also new buildings coming, maybe they can produce emblems. Hope we know soon :wink:

And maybe @Petri and SG are kind enough to give out a little incentive (like 5-10 emblems each and a reset emblem) when they activate classes :grin:


I finally got a chance to look at this more carefully and tally the numbers, and counting down just one side plus the center parts, I came up with 233 and 505.

Rilf’s spreadsheet appears to be updated since I pulled the numbers from it too. I’m updating my earlier post, thanks for pointing it out!


Kage’s class correction : rogue to barbarian


this is bad news or good news :joy:


Kestrel correction : barbarian to rogue

Anymore changes to which heros are in which class?

It depends whether you have him or not…


Well … kage in rogue could be problematic.
But now we could do a choice between gravemaker and kage :smile:


I have 2 things to say:

  1. Talents will help players in increased chances to do more damage on titans (hope they dont buff titans)

  2. Let the ‘madness’ overflow of new features’ topics and question B.E.G.I.N.!.!.! :rofl::joy::sweat_smile::laughing::crazy_face::joy::rofl:


I dont have kageburito :joy::joy: