🦸 Memento Heroes Classes and Quests

Im pretty dense, I cant find the updated calendar… a lil help please?

It’s up above in the top post, right below the previous one:


OPE!!! Thanks Zeph!!!
20 thanks!

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Is there an updated one w/ Ranvir… I might have missed it :pensive:

Ranvir update and suppression old calendar


Serenity - last stage; bosses are from left to right - Richard, Lianna, Chao :slight_smile:

if/when you fix the pic let me know :wink: thx

Done Mister Boolz


post in post: :wink:
1. I aint a miss; im a mister :slight_smile:
2. do you have the xls es for the xp lvling data from pictures? > Heroes Xp value and leveling
i wanna make a hero calculator xls, and dont wanna write all that data by hand. :slight_smile:

if you can, pls contact me by line ;razor or rigs can create a chat group, with us included :slight_smile: thx

I had a crash on my computer same months ago and i don’t have a copy.

But … >> XP levels for all heroes - What do you need to level up and ascend?!
Direct link google sheet >> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-g0lFZtnLT0WxWIGgdjqQJ3sY2-yKB6zAr3lcU41rRU/edit#gid=0

Just a mistake on 5* star heroes lvl 3.30 : XP 1200 (not 1235)

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thx :wink:

I check this topic every week. Many thanks!

Btw, hint for piety and justice trials; are the easiest by far. Duo Wilbur/Wu is devastating in final stages. Should have good board and you finish the 3 heroes in a matter of seconds. If not, using tornado solves the problem.

Mysticism and decimation are very easy too, for players with Proteus in team (or Hel).

Do we know the exact order? What are we expecting for tomorrow? Please merge this topic if we have a guide available…

Miki update … 20 cookies


This is amazing. I’ve been trying to design my own talent grid selection/update similar to the one in “E&P Classes” but have been having trouble due to my own time constraints. Glad I found this.

Grazuuuullllllll update


Fast as always :slight_smile:
Thanks Mariamne!


Avalon update … BK Lady Bauchan


At first glance I thought you say Bauchan is a lady :joy:

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haha but skittleskull yes

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