🦸 Memento Heroes Classes and Class Trial Quests

As always, thank you for your excellent work in helping the community, @Mariamne!
You are a superhero! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Example Shadows classes restriction rogue and sorcerer. You could/must use 5 heroes rogues or sorcerers (3 rogues 2 sorcerers or 5 sorcerers … etc). Other heroes (paladins monks …) are not usable.

Each stage of “trials of shadow” contains (only) rogues and sorcerers coins.


Aaah… ic. now I understand.
:confounded: WE needed 20 flags

Personal Note: All this small, but perky special skills will make the game more fun and think that every maxed hero should get at least the first tallent done.

This is going to be so fun and frustratin at the same time! :crazy_face: I already love it!!! :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

p.s. hope the game doesnt get destroyed with multiple $$ purchases that gets it to p2w…


Thank you so much. Bookmarked!


Just to be clear, can you use the same 5 heroes for all three stages? Or is it like AW where you would need 15 heroes of the two classes?

You can use the same 5.


I have little problem, 1 druid and 0 sorcerer :joy:

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Each classe are represented in 2 trials.
1 heroes could be use in 2 different trials.
Example : i have joon a monk. I could use him in trials Piety (with heroes clerics) and Justice (with heroes paladins). Others trials don t use monk.

You could use same heroes in all stages of trials. You don’t need 3×5 heroes for 1 trial.

My personnal objective : Have minimum 3 heroes in each classes.

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thanks again, as usual your files will be very useful to the E & P community

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The Quest barbarian - rogue will be really hard without a healer :frowning:


During tests (trials of survival) i used this team
Final stage i used biggest red blue green potions and hourglasses (i finished without jackal and scarlett)

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@Mariamne, thank you once again…

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I add a little video on Youtube (i did it very fast sorry)
Perhaps it’s more explicite.


I think i will try with jackal, Grimm, grave, Grimm, jackal
Grimm, Grimm, gravemaker, jackal, gretel.

Your thoughts?

If they are all maxed. Perhaps Jackal on border, he s a heroes in paper made

@Mariamne, thank you so much for the time, effort and energy you put into your work! I cannot tell you how much it helps me and my alliance!

I wish I could send you flowers, or gems, or 5* heroes, or something! :smile: But accept at least my thanks!

With utmost appreciation,


I accept cookies or a special cat (@Rook :cat:)


So I’m sure I’m not unique in that I have some classes that I’m leveled hero heavy in and some that I’m not. In a few cases the “where I’m not” overlap for the same trial. I know this is a very high level question that will be hard to answer, but is it worth changing my hero leveling plans so I can complete in all the trials, or should I just continue leveling the dominate heroes as I planned to?

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That depends on how light you are in any relevant pair of classes. Sure you may have no monks, but if you have enough druids and clerics, you’ll able to cover the all the trials.

If you’re short in both classes, then you might fairly ask, how important are emblems in those classes? Of course, you might have one super hero in a class and really want those emblems.

Some beta testers used just standard heroes, 4* and some 5*, and were able with some skill and battle items to complete all trials. But if you’re really short on heroes, you may want to reconsider your training path. I would never, though, advocate leveling up weak heroes over strong heroes, but if you were debating between two heroes, their classes should weigh into your thinking.


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