🎭 Mémento costumes quest: The masquerade

Vivica replaced by lliana.

HP has not changed.

Level five was Tyrum and Tiburtus in the front and Lianna in the back.

Nice graphic, but the specials have changed from beta:


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Have wasted my energy already but afaik the bosses never have their specials maxed.

Can anyone check and prove me wrong? @Adisty

I used pretty much there same team you did though I used Gormek instead of Grimm. Of course you have better troops and mask bonus on a few so my team clocked in about 200 points less than yours, so I had to use some items. Ran with minor healing, arrows, axes, and mana potions.

Pulled Tyrum, Hawkmoon (again) and Skittles.


I’ve given @cap updated screenshots of everything, and the infographics will be updated ASAP.

In the meantime, I’ve posted this for temporary use:

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I haven’t paid attention to how the mob HP compares to other events, but holy cow, it seems like killing the moblings takes FOREVER! They don’t really hit that hard; they are just tough to kill. Like, they laugh off specials from Poseidon and Thorne. I haven’t done the last stage yet - gotta have some WE for my monster chest - but I found this really annoying. Hard to save specials and diamonds for the bosses when you think you are 3-4 tiles from killing the last mobling and you’re more like 15 away.


i agree… it was very surprising how many specials and/or tiles the mobs could digest…

i finished all stages but surprised as well how sturdy the mobs were…


Hahaha yes, I took 7 or 8 minutes total for the final stage, only 1 minute of that was the bosses. The rest was the initial waves. The first wave took a good 2 or 3 minutes i think lol. It didn’t help I had no offensive heroes + I was using 2 blues, and I had ALL greens on the first 2 waves.


Yeah, I was running a little light on firepower also, with double healers (Melendor+ 20 and Rigard +20) and a mana controller (Onatel +3). With that much WE in play, I like to play it safe. But the first time I launched Poseidon’s Pitchfork of Doom and the mobling was still at half health, I felt like the president in Independence Day, knowing the nuke had hit the alien ship and hearing the guy on the radio say, “Target remains! I repeat, Target remains!”


As I said, I went with my mono red stack and those mobs were really hard to kill. No threat, but hard to kill, survived 2 full specials…

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*I mean who the bosses are on the final level (Ultimate)

Joon Richard and Lianna. @Ban_7DS

I’ve managed to complete the quest with this line up. First Wilbur to get the opponents’ guard down. Then Gadeirus to increase the attack and regenerate health for Wilbur and Elena at the same time. Then Elena to attack everyone and activate the counterattack for her, Wilbur and Wu Kong. And then, Wu Kong for random but super devastating tile damage. Happy days.


Thanks, much appreciated! :blush:

Completed using 2 2 1with this team

was pretty easy as Panthers defense down really helped on these hard to kill mobs.

Purchased the key special recieved Richard, joon, tyrum, liu xui, bane, and sonya

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Following advises placed here combined with what I have in my roster used the following team and succeded

From items used only 3 time stops and all 5 dragon attacks all at final stage.Only Joon fired but he was already down enough for counterattack to kill him.
As for my key summons that sux…See for yourselves…

Guess couldn’t be worse…


Same for me I have 5 different costumes all are 3 :star:

join the club…