🎭 Mémento costumes quest: The masquerade

Joon Richard and Lianna. @Ban_7DS

I’ve managed to complete the quest with this line up. First Wilbur to get the opponents’ guard down. Then Gadeirus to increase the attack and regenerate health for Wilbur and Elena at the same time. Then Elena to attack everyone and activate the counterattack for her, Wilbur and Wu Kong. And then, Wu Kong for random but super devastating tile damage. Happy days.


Thanks, much appreciated! :blush:

Completed using 2 2 1with this team

was pretty easy as Panthers defense down really helped on these hard to kill mobs.

Purchased the key special recieved Richard, joon, tyrum, liu xui, bane, and sonya

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Following advises placed here combined with what I have in my roster used the following team and succeded

From items used only 3 time stops and all 5 dragon attacks all at final stage.Only Joon fired but he was already down enough for counterattack to kill him.
As for my key summons that sux…See for yourselves…

Guess couldn’t be worse…


Same for me I have 5 different costumes all are 3 :star:

join the club…

Epic vanilla ultimate team for some suicidal bosses:



FWIW, I completed with:

  • Poseidon +3
  • Onatel +3
  • Thorne 4^80
  • Melendor +20
  • Rigard +20

Not a lineup just anybody can replicate, I know, but I only used a few healing potions and a couple of bombs to soften the bosses’ attacks - which may or may not have been necessary. Melendor did take it on the chin, but overall, it wasn’t a particularly difficult battle. 4500 TP is a gross overestimation, imo.

It’s me or costume Brogans are thougher than final bosses? Just finished the event and spent more time killing them that defeating Lianna Joon and Richard :sweat_smile:


They definitely are. Even with me using Wilbur lol.

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petition to SG to give us costumed Brogan to use as tanks in 5 star raid tournaments and alliance war.


It sure is. My alt did it with a 3400 team and @Christine1971 did it with less than that.

with almost same team

finished also legendary Santa BUT THANKS TO TIME STOPS both times…

different cuz those are easier stages, gives less keys. all costume summon require 5 keys

Enemies are the same in June as in January?

Yes, this one has tyrum as first boss

Has there been any further changes to the masquerade quest? The charts posted above are they in a rotation of any kind? Thanks in advance for any information.

You can check out the top post of this thread for the rotation of bosses

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