🌟 Memento 5 Events

Rotation (new) : Knights of Avalon > Pirates of Corellia …

When ? : Second wednesday of the month (?)
Modes : Events have 3 modes called rare, epic and legendary. Each mode have a specific ranking and rewards.

  • Rare : You could use 3* heroes or less, troups 2* or 1* and items 2* or 1*.
  • Epic : You could use 4* heroes or less, troups 3* or less and items 3* or less.
  • Legendary : You could use 5* heroes or less, troups 4* or less and items 4* or less.

:gift: Rewards (V19) >> 🌟 Memento 5 Events
:skull_and_crossbones: Life Points Informations (in progress) >> 🌟 Memento 5 Events

Knights of Avalon (September 2019 …)

Zephyr’s detailed information : 👑 New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Pirates of Corellia (October 2019) … (soon a new version)

Gardians of Teltoc (August 2019 …)

Wonderland (June 2019 …)

Fables of Grimforest (July 2019 …)

Last seasonal events : 🌿 Memento seasonal event

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:skull_and_crossbones: LIFE POINTS

Knights of Avalon (New)

:cookie: Special thanks : @LEN1N78 @koziar993 @LoloSnow


Fables of Grimforest

Guardians of Teltoc

Riddles of wonderland (Beta note)


Corellia (no emblems)





Reorder topic … 20 cookies


thank you very much for this work

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Thanks for this! It’s very helpful and clear.

what starts in August ?

Event : Knights of Avalon


which day start ?..

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Second thursday generally, so it would be the 9th

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THank you for sharing these! Do you know more about the ranks for this next even (Knights of Avalon) that is coming up soon?

Same items but ranks like teltoc

@Mariamne can I use those pics for my alliance pls

Yes you can :wink:
I will update the rewards (Avalon) as soon as possible.

Omg ily thanks you so much :heart:

I will add my bit :slight_smile:

Easy eng xp xp/en
1 2 750 375,0
2 2 862 431,0
3 3 975 325,0
4 3 1087 362,3
5 4 1200 300,0
6 4 1312 328,0
7 5 1425 285,0
8 5 1537 307,4
9 6 1650 275,0
10 6 1762 293,7
Epic eng xp xp/en
1 3 875 291,7
2 3 1006 335,3
3 4 1137 284,3
4 4 1268 317,0
5 5 1400 280,0
6 5 1531 306,2
7 6 1662 277,0
8 6 1793 298,8
9 7 1925 275,0
10 7 2056 293,7
Legend eng xp xp/en
1 4 1000 250,0
2 4 1150 287,5
3 5 1300 260,0
4 5 1450 290,0
5 6 1600 266,7
6 6 1750 291,7
7 7 1900 271,4
8 7 2050 292,9
9 8 2200 275,0
10 8 2350 293,8

So, 2nd stage of easy tier is one of most rewarding places for xp farming.


Avalon rewards update

This guide is now a wiki page!
Thanks for permission to post @Mariamne!

(will hopefully link some of the forum threads for strategy to beat the challenge events soon. updates are coming, but just as I can. I hope to organize a few volunteers that have contacted me later this week…)


Amazing, gibs!
Does this apply to all the events?

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