how many people are in or have joined forum

This gives a reasonable estimate.

I want to know how many people see my question

Having access to non-public stats, that’s a decent starting point for people who are logged in — but vastly underestimates the Forum usage by people who read without creating accounts and posting.

As of this moment, 7 people have seen your question. You can view this on the status bar that is under your original post.

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That’s actually more or less a public stat on the Forum.

If you look at any of the summary lists on a computer, you’ll see the number of views for a particular post.

You can also view it on a particular thread, as @Hrairoo pointed out.

It answers the “have joined” question fairly exactly.

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Technically you’d want Trust Level 0 or above for that. Basic badges are for Trust Level 1.

EDIT: there’s a publicly accessible page that answers the question of number of registered users:

As of right now, it’s 47,011.