Members who left the Alliance not on Battlefied after refresh



Hi,… In the Alliance war change log, it is said that member who left alliance will stay on Battlefied,… well,… one of our members has is out,… He only did stay on the battlefied, until our oponents cleard up the board,… after that only the 29 members have been on the battlefied.
Also it was said, that inactiv players will be excluded from matchmaking,… does anyone know, how long members need to be inactiv, to be excluded? One of ours has been inactiv for 3days before matchmaking,… Seems He has not been excluded…


We are having the same issue in my alliance, only with the alliance we face. They have their weakest players hit with their strongest attacks, then deactivate. Because of that, they still get the points from the hits, but their weak players are no longer available for us to hit. They really should not have that option to deactivate after the war has begun, as it really is a form of cheating.


2 wars, has been explained here