Members taken off field


I had a member who is actually our strongest who had prepped for war and when it was almost time for war…he was put in spectator mode and taken off the field. I would like to know why our strongest member was taken off the field. Our alliance only has 2 people not lvl enough to war, and so instead of having 21 people doing war we only had 20. Please fix. We would have lost either way, but still…would have been nice to have that little bit of confidence in war.


Was s/he adjusting their heroes and accidentally saved it with less than 5 heroes in the war lineup? That will put them automatically in Spectator Mode.

I assume they did not step out of the alliance to do a quickee Merc job?


He is a lvl 33 player and he was put in spectator mode before the war even started. I was talking to him about 45 min before war started.


I understand, but I asked, did he change his team lineup before war, saving less than five heroes to his lineup?


No. And at 45 min before war he should have still been able to edit his team as 45 min before war it is still in the prep phase


Or am I wrong on that? I was still able to go in and edit my team until right when war started


I think if you have a full team for war defence when the matching is performed, you may change it in preparation phase.

But matching is performed before preparation, and if you didn’t have a full team at that point, you’ll be in spectator mode, whether or not you can change the team.


Trust me, I completely understand what u all r saying…thing is…yes he had a full team and he was already editing his defense during prep phase… it was about 2 hrs until war when he went to see which members were on field that he was told he was in spectator mode. Funny thing is…we actually had 22 members lvl enough for war…1 missed prep phase…and with the member randomly placed in spectator mode we only had 20 members on the field. The opposing team also had only 20 members on the field. It’s just odd that 12 of their 20 members had TP over 3000…only 4 of mine have over 3000…1 of which mysteriously was taken off the field


You also get into spectator when (accidentially) feed one of the defense heroes to another…


I would think version 15.2.0 was tweaked to help even the matchmaking process.

I know from before, matchmaking is based on:

  • Total number of players on each side
  • each player’s top thirty heroes
  • each player’s top five heroes (more weight given to these)

While we can see the total number of players, and the five defense heroes each player has chosen, we cannot see their bench (top thirty), which factors into the algorithm.

So maybe it’s even somehow, but it doesn’t feel like it. If you are certain you’ve been destroyed by a much higher team, you can comment to SG by submitting a ticket.

Personally, they just changed the system. I would fight a few wars to see how it plays out, prior to ticketing them.

Good luck in future wars!!


Thanks, but that’s not really the problem…problem is that he was set up for war, then placed in spectator mode before war even started


This was what I had be responding to. As for the error, I suggested contacting SG. Here is the link:


Thanks Rook…guess I just needed the link. I though when I posted my original comment I was reporting a bug


No worries. :slight_smile:

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