Members opting in to war didn't appear in fields and those that Opted out did

This war we had 2 very experienced members opt out of war but they appeared on the field and we had 1 experienced member opt in but they did not appear on the field. In our alliance usually the same 17-18 members participate in every war so this was the first time 2 of them opted out. The member who opted in but did not appear had participated in war before but had taken a break. This put at a great disadvantage because one of the participant was away and was not able to use flags. We also question our matchup and how accurate it could have been or not been with these glitches in play.

How many alliance members participated in the war this time? At what point in the process did they opt-in/out? Did you already have an opponent assigned?


Were the opt ins & outs made before matchmaking?


Everyone did their opting in and out prior to the match up period starting… 2 opted out and 1 opted in. We had a total of 17 on the field.

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