Members online button



It would be interesting to communicate with other alliance members to be able to see if they are online like we can see in wars map

Online Indicator
At a glance of members on/offline

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Can’t you already see when they were last active? If it’s within the last few minutes, they’re probably online. It could be more streamlined, as you suggest.


Is there any plans to put an online indicator on the alliance member page so we can see who is online at any given time within the alliance?


I’d vote for this. @Kerridoc - want to move to suggestions location?


another issue solved by Line or clicking the player’s avatar…


instead of adding a feature, devs could just leave up the war defense screen for your alliance under the war tab, then you have your light system full time instead of only during wars. should be easy solution if it’s really that wanted. Not saying it wouldn’t be convient, i just kinda feel like it’s a little unnecessary.

  • a green and a red light which shows in the alliance if somebody is on- or offline like in the wars

I support this idea since a while :grinning::+1:


Good idea to make the number of the character in alliance in red or green.