Member's messages are being removed from alliance chats

Recent update (November 2021): alliance member’s chat messages are being removed from chat log WAY too soon, leaving only titan and war system messages. Please don’t do this. Please revert to previous programming for this.

Will you add more details please? What is “way too soon”? Is there a number of messages or time relation to it.


Chat has only ever stored about 50 message and even then, only for a finite time. Leave it 24 hours and they WILL be gone.

Way too soon response. So, i post 1 liners re titan and war stats. Before this update these would stay in the log for about a week. Now they are gone in 2 days, but the systems messages for those results stay about a week. Bottom line, my stats are gone, but the system results are still there regarding titans and wars.

We are a small alliance and only post stats and a few messages

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