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One way to protect members from catfish, stalkers, trolls, and predators is to allow block function be both ways. Currently, SG/Zynga is protecting the predator by allowing block to be one way and let’s the predator watch their prey, even if the prey has tried to protect themselves by blocking. Please fix this. All reputable social apps do this. Thank you. And on behalf of the Community, thank you I’m advance for your attention to this serious matter.

I am a chat mod in another game.

There are two views on blocking.


You notify all involved that the bad actor is blocked.

This allows the bad actor to know their actions worked.

This allows the bad actor to immediately circumvent the blocks with a multiple cheap SIM cards.

In this view you already have tools to combat multiple cheap SIM cards or you are a paid service where new accounts cost money for the bad actor.

Silent action

You do not notify the bad actor of the block.

The bad actor does not know if their actions where ineffective, blocked or successfully.

The bad actor continues to use the original account for longer and longer increasing their sunk cost with that account and making them less likely to create a new account.

This is one reason email uses spam folders and experts say to never respond to SPAM, including clicking on “remove from list” URLs. If the SPAM is already illegal, responding in any way let’s them know the email address is active.


The next step after any kind of block is banning.

Companies are reluctant to do this for multiple reasons. One reason is it lets the bad actor immediately discard the banned account and create another.


Notify customer support anyway, and send evidence like screenshots, if blocking is insufficient.

Companies cannot institute a ban without supporting evidence like screenshots.


Would it possible to look at increasing the amount of players you can block? The sheer amount of recruitment ads at times make it difficult to chat.

Welcome to the forum! If your talking about general chat always going to be a issue!
Unless someone police it 24/7 id gladly do it if sg gave me a salary :wink:

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Older blocked accounts

Often by the time you fill up your block list, older blocked users have stopped chatting in game wide chats, and can be removed.

Line app and Discord app

If you find this insufficient for your needs, you should probably avoid those game wide chats and instead join a Line app, or Discord app, group that focuses on your Empires interests.

Sample forum posts

Development cycles

SGG is unlikely to spend development cycles further improving game wide chat.

Both Line app / Discord app are build around chatting so monthly development cycles are already budgeted for improving items like block lists and frequent recruitment advertising.


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