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I’ve been a leader for over 1yr now of my alliance, within the years time, many have come and gone either being kicked from the alliance or they wanted to check out other alliances. The main reason for being kicked out would be the non activity of the player within the months time…I have only had to kick 1 player for upsetting the alliance with bad mouthing another member…I have not been unfair with any of my members that I know of…and I always make sure beforehand if the issue needs to be resolved in a different manner…which allows my members to be able to comment if they think different. I’ve not had any issues with doing this…the way I rank my players is, within a few days, you will be promoted to ELDER, then after a week or so, promoted to Co Leader, depending on the active play…if there’s no activity from a member for 2 weeks I demote them 1x…thereafter next 2 weeks demote 1x, which 30 days of non activity I will gather that you have left the ALLIANCE, or you are sitting and spying on our ALLIANCE of which that’s not cool(unfair). I don’t deal with any drama…so leave the playpen at the doorway…if there’s an issue with the game…you are more than welcome to bring to ALLIANCE CHAT…or you can email support. I think that 30 days is good enough time for a player to know if they will be actively playing. I tell my players that they need to be active 5days or more out of the month to not get kicked. This has been working for everyone in my alliance since I’ve started. From time to time I do go into the GLOBAL CHAT and let other players know I have openings and what my requirements are. All my members have gotten to know our routine of play and will switch around so we all can work together in defeating titan or other alliances in wars…

You’re too generous. 2 days of inactivity for me warrants the boot, especially less if you missed using your war flags without prior advisory.


I’m only a starter alliance and don’t really have to many requirements for the alliance…other than to have fun…I try to make things easy for the ones who cant play 24/7/365.

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Also…I tell my alliance they need to atleast use 3 flags if you are just starting out then they can work on getting more teams for wars… then hit/attack titan atleast 3 times if you are participating in hunts

@picmeAletter70, your thread title is Member ranking, would it be more accurate to suggest you’re asking how do alliances determine promotions? I was a bit puzzled.

Belatedly, welcome to the forum :innocent:.
Not many will persevere in reading posts that have a wall of text. Formatting posts by just using paragraphs, make posts easier to read.


Agree with @Sarah2

What are we discussing here? Is there a question you want different views on?


I was responding to another player but it somehow ended up here…sorry you were confused…my device has been acting crazy lately.

Not a problem, and thanks for taking the time to clarify the issue :grin:.

Btw Happy birthday :birthday:. :wine_glass: Cheers for many many more. :confetti_ball::tada::partying_face:

I get antsy with 10+ hours of inactivity without advance warning. Two days I’d be sending out a search party. There isn’t a world where I’d be ok with 25 days of inactivity

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Agree In general,but there can be exceptions. We recently had an original member (1000+days!) disappear. Apart from our general shock/disappointment etc, we decided to keep them on for a while in case it was a lost device etc. We had a few vacancies (still do, if anyone is interested!)

Anyway, they didn’t come back so we reluctantly kicked after a month. Mind you, wouldn’t have done that if alliance had been full

Ohhhhhh… That’s really tough :sob:! 1000+days - Wow :star_struck:.

However if you’re trying to fill spaces and say you’re active alliance, with players awol for days on your team… Mission Impossible! GL with recruitment.


Geez, some of you guys are crazy!

I don’t necessarily mean that as an insult… crazy competitive maybe? Which is cool if that’s what your goal is. I would never want to join a crazy competitive alliance unless I was crazy competitive myself. Flip side of that… if I was crazy competitive, there is no place I would rather be than in a crazy competitive alliance.

My alliance: I will allow nearly limitless times of inactivity… I mostly just ask that members who are going to be somewhat inactive (1) opt out of wars, and (2) if possible, let me know ahead of time that they won’t be around.

Will not kick them unless I think they’ve quit the game, or died or something… though I’d hope they’d give me a heads up first before either one happened. :rofl: (okay, sorry, possibly poor taste there…)

As for alliance rankings… in my alliance,

Leader - is me
Co-leader - reserved only for people I have full faith in to take care of alliance stuffs in my absence
Elder - people I have come to trust are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves
Member - untested people that I may need to keep an eye on just to make sure they’re not trouble* :face_with_monocle:

    • actually do have 1 member who specifically requested to not be promoted to elder… I don’t think he’s particularly suspicious, but he thinks he is, which makes me suspicious… :thinking:

:laughing: j/k… :heart: you buddy (if you read this, you know who you are)

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Diplomacy at its finest…but I love your first sentence.
I’m guessing the alliance I belong to is the most laid back in the game. I was lucky I happened to land there because I’m purely for fun. Nonetheless I’m an elder, probably for the same reason you use to pick them. I bet our leader uses a method similar to yours.

Not sure you can always give notice that you are going to die!:rofl: :rofl: yeah, bad taste, I know, but I thought it was so funny!)
Anyway, I basically use the same guidelines for alliance positions…although I have had several not want to be co-leads

Probably not the most laid back. Some alliances literally don’t care about anything at all.

I do have rules and expectations… just, rather loosely enforced. Because I specifically only allow in people that I don’t want to have to personally micromanage every second of every day. I expect them to all act as responsible adults and take care of their own business when they can and on their own schedules, and to not screw over the rest of us in the process. Quite simple really. :slightly_smiling_face:

That part was a joke… in poor taste though, yes. :laughing: Inevitably I think all of us are going to die some day, no matter what. In the meantime? As long as I believe all of my members are still alive and intend to come back to the game at some point, I will save their spot until such a point that it becomes painfully obvious that they are never ever coming back. Then I will purge them from the roster.

But hey! Maybe they just broke all of their fingers and they’re not able to pick up their phone for 6-8 weeks to let me know. All good. As long as it’s someone I know and trust and respect and expect to come back and post as soon as they’re able to, I’ll save their spot. :slightly_smiling_face:

If someone does not want to be a co-lead, they absolutely should not be a co-lead.

Ironically enough… the opposite also applies. If someone desperately wants to be a co-lead… they probably shouldn’t be a co-lead.

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Our rules are pretty simple (this is code for ac)
[#fffc00]《Basic Ally Rules》 1.Hit titan daily 3/4 times per spawn 2.Notify the ally if ur be offline for more than 2 days, 2 titan misses=Boot 3.Only flask rare titans 4.Wars optional 5.:elementice: tanks for war​:heart::heart:Happy :slight_smile:
Also won’t be a elder till 30 days after joining then you can join our line chat.
Nice and simple :slight_smile:

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