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I’ve been a leader for over 1yr now of my alliance, within the years time, many have come and gone either being kicked from the alliance or they wanted to check out other alliances. The main reason for being kicked out would be the non activity of the player within the months time…I have only had to kick 1 player for upsetting the alliance with bad mouthing another member…I have not been unfair with any of my members that I know of…and I always make sure beforehand if the issue needs to be resolved in a different manner…which allows my members to be able to comment if they think different. I’ve not had any issues with doing this…the way I rank my players is, within a few days, you will be promoted to ELDER, then after a week or so, promoted to Co Leader, depending on the active play…if there’s no activity from a member for 2 weeks I demote them 1x…thereafter next 2 weeks demote 1x, which 30 days of non activity I will gather that you have left the ALLIANCE, or you are sitting and spying on our ALLIANCE of which that’s not cool(unfair). I don’t deal with any drama…so leave the playpen at the doorway…if there’s an issue with the game…you are more than welcome to bring to ALLIANCE CHAT…or you can email support. I think that 30 days is good enough time for a player to know if they will be actively playing. I tell my players that they need to be active 5days or more out of the month to not get kicked. This has been working for everyone in my alliance since I’ve started. From time to time I do go into the GLOBAL CHAT and let other players know I have openings and what my requirements are. All my members have gotten to know our routine of play and will switch around so we all can work together in defeating titan or other alliances in wars…

You’re too generous. 2 days of inactivity for me warrants the boot, especially less if you missed using your war flags without prior advisory.


I’m only a starter alliance and don’t really have to many requirements for the alliance…other than to have fun…I try to make things easy for the ones who cant play 24/7/365.

Also…I tell my alliance they need to atleast use 3 flags if you are just starting out then they can work on getting more teams for wars… then hit/attack titan atleast 3 times if you are participating in hunts

@picmeAletter70, your thread title is Member ranking, would it be more accurate to suggest you’re asking how do alliances determine promotions? I was a bit puzzled.

Belatedly, welcome to the forum :innocent:.
Not many will persevere in reading posts that have a wall of text. Formatting posts by just using paragraphs, make posts easier to read.


Agree with @Sarah2

What are we discussing here? Is there a question you want different views on?

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