Member of tournament defense removed

I had a non-costumed Isarnia on my defense team for the current tournament (with costume bonus). I’ve never ever run her on any team with the costume, so I didn’t accidentally knock her off the team by using her in costume or anything like that, but she wasn’t on the team when the tournament started.

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So the below is a few screen shots of my hits today. I’m told the missing hero in this is C.Krampus and I can only assume it’s because the owner used Regular Krampus in the Rush war?

Either way it’s not great that his defence has become a gimme win and the player should get some compensation

I’ve included the defence that gave me 746 when this 4 hero def gave me 745. It’s not very fair on them in honesty but it’s a tournament so I just took the easy win and moved on


Somone else reported their Raid Tournament defense missing a hero yesterday as well in a bug thread, and an additional person posted screenshots again today of the same issue. I think these threads probably need to be merged, and definitely looked into quickly. This seems to be a new a bug, and an impactful one at that.
@Guvnor could you take a look if you get a chance? Thanks

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Thought SGG resolved this bug some time ago. Looks like it’s back.

Wasn’t exactly the same bug. It affected heroes with costumes.

If I use C Vivica for RT, and then use classic Vivica for regular raids or maps, then my RT defence changes to classic Vivica. And will not change back unless I switch back to C Vivica.

This updated bug is definitely worse.


You can’t skip the matched opponent. Nothing you can do except take it on, and move on.

It’s good that you reported this.

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Flagged for Dev/ qa attention


Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this issue here.


Maybe related to this?

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