Member of other guild during war

So we were going live on the war. And a member of the other guild that is not participating in the war joined ours and left after the start. So we are down an attacker.
What I don’t understand is how did they know they were up against us?
Matchmaking was still ongoing when he entered. Now we are in prep fase and we can’t do anything about the 2185 team he left behind.

This is actually not ok.
Honestly I’m furious. Included are when he entered and left. Then the other alliance where he is a part off. And last but not least the team he left behind.

What do I do now? who do I talk?

It looks like he players name is Ahapen (Sorry, only have an English keyboard but I think that’s close enough). I’ve noticed several players by that name in wars over the past 2 years. Are you positive it is the same players? It could be a coincidence.

EDIT: This does look like a coincidence as the player that left your alliance was a level 21. The player in your opponents alliance is a level 32.


Player’s name is Андрей - Andrei. It is very popular Russian name, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see several players with that same name. In your case they have different levels - 21 and 32.


Seems to be not a bug.

Flagged for closure.

I’ve checked the other one he’s been a member of that alliance for over a year.
But what a coincidence to have. Maybe I’m paranoid, maybe they’re cheating.

Ive seen many with this exact name, so maybe not that much of a coincidence. I’m not home or I’d be glad to go back through my 2 years worth of war data for the exact amount of times I’ve seen this exact name. :rofl: (Yep, I’m one of THOSE players).

Based on the player level it can’t be the same player. I can’t imagine a player being able to level up 11 levels in that short of time.

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