Member left but still posting in our alliance chat / Chat appearing in alliance you're not in

We had a member leaving shortly, to visit an alliance in the family after finishing a titan. But his alliance messages still showed up in our alliance after he left…
I have screenshots for reference.
I have never experienced that before???

Some twilight zone :poop:

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It’s probably just a glitch in the matrix

If someone left to join a new alliance, they would probably not like to have their first messages in their new home posted in the alliance they left too :wink:

Maybe a mechanism to make you post gentle in the ally chat. :wink:

If so, all is good! No need to fix lol

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I prefer everyone and anyone hear my voice and rambling when possible so I must know how to recreate this…I’d go alliance hopping just to send mass messages to all the alliances at once.

“This is Voidstrike…I am the best player in the game…continue with business as usual as I am a benevolent dictator”


Ooph lol yea would be awkward

Tho tbh i kinda wish i could intentionally do it just to screw around

If there’s a cheat code, please let me know


Hey I asked first…

Sorry last post to derail.

@Petri @ScottySG @KiraSG ever heard of a similar issue? @zephyr1 @Guvnor @DaveCozy in case y’all wanted to convey it.


Mine got put on hold cause i used the c word…

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Now I have been talking with both the member leaving and the leader in the alliance he joined.
The chat supposed to be for the new alliance, after leaving was not applied there but only in our “left” alliance.

I think that is even worse. If some joins a new alliance, thinking they introduce themselves, but those messages only shows up in the alliance they just left.
I would like to send some screenshots for support on this issue, but searching for support on things like this, leads here. And here is is not the right place to post alliance screenshots I guess.

Attach the screenshots.

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I’ve PM’d staff to see if they’ve seen this/ know about it

Thank you @Guvnor 20 characters

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I left my alliance and to do some mercing. I spoke in a different alliance and my chat appeared in the original alliance. I didn’t find out until I came back and my mates were confused.

I have figured out how to reproduce this. This requires more than one device.

  1. Play on device #1 in your alliance
  2. Get disconnected on device #1, either by timing out or by logging into device #2
  3. On Device #2, leave your alliance and join another one.
  4. Hit OK on device #1, so the game will reload.
  5. Immediately start talking in the new alliance on device #1. Messages will appear to go in that alliance, to you, but will actually appear in your old alliance even though you have left.

Works on Android.

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I did it several times doing using the recreate steps above.

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