Member Joins Alliance and Participates in War after War starts

How can a member join an alliance and participate in a war after the war has started?

We are over 2 and half hours into our war but a member of the other Alliance joined after match making, and after the war started yet is participating.

Trying to insert screenshot but can’t figure out how too.


That should not be able to happen. To post a screenshot click on this icon when replying

If the player was in the alliance during matchmaking, they can leave and join many times before the war starts and still participate in this war.
There’s nothing wrong with that as the player was taken into account in matchmaking.


Thanks grzrechol…seems fishy though.


As they have been made co-leader it is more than likely that they left the alliance after matchmaking and rejoined rather than a bug.


Why does it seem fishy? Many, many people have used this feature to help out other alliances with titans.

Only people who were present during matchmaking can participate in a war. But once matchmaking completes and the pairing is set, why shouldn’t you be able to leave and come back?

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Cool. If that’s what they want to do then so be it.

Seems like there is the potential for an exploit here. I’m just not sure what it would be.

At first I thought, well, you could have a couple guys sit out, then the cavalry could show up once the other side thinks you’re out of flags. Problem is that leads to too many resets against prior to the cavalry arriving, probably not worth it.

Seems like there is probably something here though. If they leave before the start, rejoin, then leave again, is the normal [ex-member] tag applied, I assume? This has probably all been hashed out before I would assume, but it’s interesting because I hadn’t read of/seen cases like this before.

How is the new unit pointed? Are previously earned points re-distributed? How does that work?

No exploit here. If you join after matchmaking, you don’t participate in war. If you leave after war starts and rejoin, you don’t participate in war. If you leave after matchmaking and rejoin before war starts it changes nothing.

I’ve seen it happen and did that too to help some friends…
Only if you are in the alliance during matchamaking you can leave and come back…
If you join after matchmaking you’ll be in spectator mode.
If you enter after war starts you will be in spectator mode no mather if you were there when matchmaking or not.

There’s no “new unit.”

Everyone who is present during matchmaking and who also has a full complement of heroes on their war defense has a team on the field. Only people with a team on the field are able to use flags to make attacks.

1500 points are apportioned amongst the teams actually on the field, so if someone present in the matchmaking doesn’t field a war team, then an alliance will have each remaining fielded team worth more points. This is a serious handicap.

Anyone who was not present during matchmaking does not have a team on the field ever, and cannot make attacks during war no matter what.

Leaving and rejoining after matchmaking doesn’t change whether you have a team on the field, so it can’t be exploited.


Okay, I think I misunderstood the scenario.

So, for a bit, they were actually an [ex-member], but then repopulated as a full member.

Got it.

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