Melia bug not leveling up properly

Melia doesn’t upgrade to 8 of 8, only 6 of 8. Also shows max score doesn’t let me into the talent grid but will still let me level up.

Firstly welcome to the forum. Melia is not broken, you need to get her skill level to 8, and currently it’s at 6.

Feeding 10x same colour heros or 5x 2* heros will level her up.

Once at 8/8 the talent grid will be unlocked.

Edit: great minds @Lloyd6770


That’s because her special is only 6/8. You can’t access the talent grid until she’s 8/8. However, once a hero has reached max level, the chance to level up their special increases greatly. You can get a 100% chance from, 10x 1* yellow, 5x 2* yellow, or feeding another Melia. Feeding a copy of a hero to itself guarantees a 100% special level up chance.


The self-feeding of a hero to him- or herself only applies after they have hit maximum level. Before that, it is 25% chance of increasing the special.

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Thanks but that’s not correct. She’s maxed out on her Max Level meter that only goes to 50 for a 3 star character. If you see my screen shot it says she’s at Max Level. If I level up more hero’s nothing changes. She’s still listed at Max Level and those hero’s I’ve leveled with add nothing.

She’s maxed but her special skill is not. You have to max special skill before the talent tree unlocks.

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Once I hit my Max Level of 80 for any 5 star character I could then get to the talent grid. And I’d usually hit my 8/8 powers long before Max levelling. My other 3 stars maxed at 8/8 before Max Level at 50. Once I got to 50, which is the Max Level, I was able to access the talent grid. But not for this specific 3 star.

Her Atlantean Sword is 6 of 8, but has to be 8 of 8 to unlock the talent grid.


It’s much more easier to max special skill for 5* because those require more feeders thus you have more chances to level up SS. Just keep feeding red 1*s to her until her SS is maxed.


OK, you guys are right. I just kept levelling on that Max 50 until it upgraded the skills. Wow. I’ve got 9 teams, mostly 5 stars with almost half Maxed and never had that issue. Crazy. Never mind!


And thanks for the help!!!

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In this you are just pretty lucky, from ten 3* I have, just four have been at 8/8 when they where maxed. 4 and 5 stars are usually at 8/8 when the reached the end of the 3rd tier, but 3* are a little bit different… just like a diva…

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it happen to me all the time with 3*'s, 4 and five’s specials are usually maxed before their 3th ascention.
It easy to fix. As mentioned above, feed them until the % reads 100, applicable to all heroes.
Have fun.

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This used to be painful to no ends… Especially for those 3^50 stuck at 5/8 or even 3/8. If you have just started playing recently, consider yourself lucky that there used to be a lot of angst with this aspect of the game that fortunately you did not have to endure.

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I’ve have the same issue with Melia not levelling her special only, all along, and gave up on her. She’s still sitting there, though.

It often happens with 3*, but also any red, no matter the stars. Maybe that’s just me, but I have particular trouble with red. Even with Khagan now…

I’ve fed a couple of them in frustration. :slight_smile:

I have a stack of fully maxed 4* now, so I’ll get back to it whenever I have no one else to work on. But as I now have TC20, that’s unlikely… :smile:

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Melia plus Brienne ( together they fight crime) are awesome for getting 1 World Energy flask and 5+5 emblems from reflect purple, blue and red events.

2x Melia 3*+1 are fun for farming 1.7-4 for monsters.


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