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I am at a junction and need opinions on Melendor and the path to take. As a healer he already has a great attack stat and to me healers need to stay alive to heal as its their primary job. The fact he hits hard is bonus. So with my lean towards defense should I go down the right path? I posted screen shots of his current stats at 4.70+7 as well as the path taken. As I said I’m leaning to right side as it ups attack but then defense. Opinions welcome.

I could reset and change that first path to heart, defense instead of heart, attack(no pun intended). But it seems trivial overall. I also currently have a 4* L7 mana troop on him or I could use a 3* l5 crit troop. Thanks.

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Since, he has a very nice attack stats, I always went the attack route, and the good thing is that there is also a defense associated with that route. The reason I prefer attack and defense is because you get good tile damage and also when an enemy attacks you the damage is calculated as a function of the ratio of the attack stat of the attacking hero to the defense stat of the defensing hero. In that case, the increased defense helps me to survive more and do more damage at the same time in offense and against titans :slight_smile:

So, to answer your question I would chose the right path over the left one :slight_smile:

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I’d always recommend taking the defensive options for healers, since their job is to survive and heal others. Melendor is already very attack heavy, so it’s important to mitigate his lack of defense.


Thanks for the reply. I know you have extensive experience with the hero’s from The 7dd guide and seeing you in the top rankings of many events. My thinking was similar in that he’s got a better attack than many non healers and as a healer, his primary goal is to stay alive to attack. The extra attack is nice but his main job is healing and surviving so I’m going to more defense and health. I did a quick calc from where he is and the planned path and he ends up being about 780,676,1174 when finished(within a few points since the ones using % may change 1 or 2 points at end). That gives him attack and defense higher than most s1 5* and a decent health. I may have calculated wrong as it was just done on scrap paper but if its right, that’s a decent 4* imo.

I get the argument for buffing defense, but I’m prioritizing attack then health, personally. His Druid Thorn Minions benefit the most from those buffs, as does percentage heal for himself, and I enjoy his escalating attack stat contribution to a green stack.

Prioritizing attack picks up a chunk of Defense along the way anyway.


I see the attack approach but to me its for attackers. Has a healer with an already good attack and i use him to heal with the benefit if hitting hard as a bonus. I guess it depends on play style. I do read the opinions and have been swayed on occasion or shown new functions for hero’s, Etc. So while I went the defense route I can see the attack route as well as it depends on style and also bench hero’s.

Defense and HP
you did wrong getting the HP and damage as the defense was on the other side

I see Melendor as primarily an attack-oriented hero who happens to also heal. I don’t see him first and foremost as a healer.

Dispel is an offense-oriented skill. So is his high attack stat and low defense.

And he’s often a secondary healer on my teams, alongside Rigard or Vivica — who are actual defensive healers, in stats, Special Skill, and Talent.

So I treat Melendor like the attacker that he is, and prioritize attack and heath — which as I mentioned above, also have the best synergy with both his Talent and Special Skill.

And again, he picks up some Defense in addition to the Health upgrades while choosing Attack as the priority. So it’s not an all-or-nothing anyway.


Wow, level 11 already?? How did you get so many emblems??? Win the raid tourney?

Yeah, I got 100 Druid Emblems from the Tournament.

He was already at +7 before that.


■■■■! Nice score. Congrats! I got the shaft in that tourney. Went undefeated and ended up in the 10-25% range…got me 5 emblems.

Thanks! It was definitely a very random distribution of scores and loot, as the (literally) thousands of posts on the Forum in the last week captured.

I’m looking forward to it working better in the Tournaments to come.

If you’re referring to the post with the complete grid, that’s not mine. He went the attack route. Again, I’m assuming u are referring to the grid that is near complete.

ok just bump into this thread. need some help. i wana stack Evelyn with a green healer. currently using melendor with Evelyn in war & raids & atlantic quests,

Melendor gets hit all the time (others are L to R: Melendor, Evelny, Guin, Kage, Marjana). he has thorn summon ability. am unsure if i should put my emblem into melendor or buddy (currently at 3rd tier, lvl 40 or so), but buddy isn’t exactly a healer. so what should i do? I want to tap on Evelyn’s color link to heal the same green color.

help pls?

help anyone pls? bump bump

help pls? help help?

I don’t have Buddy, but he’s excellent.

I put Emblems on Melendor to make him a crazy attacker alongside Evelyn (which you may have read above).

I think of Melendor as Offense-oriented, with healing as a secondary effect. But he does come in handy for healing, particularly as a second healer on a team.

I’m not sure I understand the either-or of this question, since Melendor is a Druid, and Buddy is a Ranger.

Really the question is which other Druids and Rangers you might be considering.

Can you share more details of your roster?


hi @zephyr1 sorry if my question sounds confusing. have attached team 1 to 6 of my teams & other cards on e deck. din post all cause e rest are duplicates & at base level. i basically use team 1 to 6 for war. (of course the lining up arrangement is not as shown).

anyway, main focus is on team 1 which i find is lagging behind. my total firepower is only bout 3900+ been trying to bring it up to 4k & above but i feel melendor is e weak link. Guin is e only healer i got which i feel is a bit weak. & due to evelyn element link, i put melendor as healer but i feel he’s always the 1st to get bashed up. so is melendor worth putting emblems in? or should i switch him for buddy cause of buddy’s gift’s sack. (i’ve seen someone bumped Buddy’s life to like 1.3k). I do know Melendor can summon thorns which buddy can’t. sigh.

I’m a bit confused by this premise.

Are you always using the same combination of heroes for your attack teams, instead of selecting heroes based on the team you’re attacking?

If you’re not picking the particular heroes on each team based on the team you’re attacking, then you’re making it a lot harder for yourself. I’d make adjustments to that approach regardless of how you might use your Emblems.

I think that’s the more important priority to address first.


As said by zephyr1, for war we should choose based on opponent.
if you plan rainbow team for levelingup, thats okay, and can make sure we have best 6 each color heroes.
but if you plan team for war, I suggest planing choose heroes based on which color tank.
so for example:
Team 1: for blue tank
Team 2: for red tank

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