Melendor Disappeared [solved]

I had a Melendor fully leveled, and at 16 on the talent grid. I had a second Melendor with Costume that I fully leveled(both regular and costume). I needed Druid emblems, so I used a reset emblem on my first Melendor. I wanted to split the Druid emblems between them. After I reset his talents, I went to the Melendor with costume and used some of the Emblems to up his talents. When I went back to the first Melendor to use emblems on him, he was gone. Just disappeared. What the heck happened?

Maybe he left Corellia and is now on his way to Mordor. You should find him in the mines of Moria :wink:


Oh my @Olmor :rofl: - most plausible indeed :rofl:.

@Howubane have you checked your recent activity? You didn’t accidentally feed your second Mel?

Btw once you have the costume, all Melendors have the costume option. :thinking:

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I just checked, and I definitely did not feed him. However, I didn’t know that all the Melendors now have the costume. Soooo, I checked my original and apparently I had equipped him to the costume version. And bam! There he is! Thanks for your help @Sarah2 !!!