Melendor costume position?

Where is the best spot to use him? Wing, flank, or tank?

He is a left flank for me.

I don’t like putting healers in the corner because most heroes would be dead by the time the healer is charged up (exceptions can be made for AW).

He could be a tank because of the defence buff, but he’s too squishy (+ red has the best attackers) so it is highly likely that he will die before he has the chance to fire.

Therefore, he is best as a flank. The reason he should be on the left is because he is a dispeler and he needs to remove the buffs from the attackers before his allies fire.


He is a left flank for me as well, he sits next to my Gravemaker tank. I hope Melendor is able to support Gravemaker to fire twice (or even more).

I tried him as tank as well and the results were not so good. Having him on left flank is much better.


Thanks! That is very helpful.

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