Melendor and Wu-kong: alliance war -and Proteus

  1. Melendor is not taking off the special from all enemies. In the row left Onatel and Cyprian which has used his counter attack special- after his special I used Melendor which cleaned only Onatel from counter attack.

  2. Wu-kong (maxed and 14 lvl troops) deals approximately 34-50 dmg (each shild-normal attack) to the oponent (Boldtusk maxed and offensive troops 7 lvl) with his activated special 185% to attack - not to low? check this out please.

  3. Raids - as an attacker my Proteus (940+ to attack with offensive troops) deals 420dmg per 3 rounds to 3 enemies what give me 140dmg per round in real (and that dmg is constant anyone I attack) where my opponent with Proteus (905 to attack in total with troops) deals 405 dmg per 3 rounds to 3 enemies but he deals 160dmg per round to my heroes. I’m asking where is the trick? Check this out to please. Thank you and regards Pimpek

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There are a number of reasons this might happen. It sounds like you are running Wu Kong along with Melendor. If Wu Kong’s buff is active, Melendor’s dispel has a chance to miss each target. Also, if Melendor has been blinded, the dispel may miss. Finally, if Inari is in the defense, her special can cause a dispel to miss.

It’s hard to know how much damage Wu Kong vs BT should be doing to a target without a lot more details, including all buffs and debuffs, and what specific kinds of troops were in use (3*, 4*, mana, crit, etc).

There is a 20% attack buff and a 20% defense buff for all defenders that doesn’t show up when you click on the hero. That is why the Proteus on defense has a DOT that’s ticking for more damage.

405*1.2/3 = 162 ( there’s probably a bit of rounding going on)


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