Mega Black Friday summon

Black Friday is supposed to be the day when companies say thank you to their customers, this is my idea for what SGG can do for us.
Have a 24 hour portal with every single hero in the game, to clarify S2 and 3 heroes, event heroes (monthly and seasonal) all HOTM heroes and costumed heroes.
Obviously having all those heroes with different summoning odds, you need to create new odds, so take the normal epic hero portal double the odds for 4 and 5* heroes. And just do make sure SGG can say thank you to all of us, half the price to 150 gems per summon.

That would be a hell of a thank you. I like it!

I’m on board for a Black Friday deal of any sort. Or Cyber Monday!

It’s a nice idea though I wouldn’t bet odds on it happening unfortunately. Though last year they did have black friday and cyber monday deals on gems if I remember correctly. Seems like I bought several of them.


For reference, this was last year’s “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” stuff.

@Wholf you remember mostly correctly :rofl:

Black Friday was emblems: Black Friday Mega Sale — Discussion

Cyber Monday was gems & other stuff :slight_smile: Cybermonday offers 2019 - Discussions


Well I’ll be darned. I’m in!

Well, for the C2P and P2W crowd those do look quite good.

But, if they did give something out for a cheap gems cost, and they did something like last year too, it would be really easy to buy the cash offer and turn around and spend the gems on the F2P offer.

Maybe that’s not an issue? Maybe it’s an incentive to pull more F2P players in the C2P group?

Ah the sociologist in me wants to experiment… :rofl:

It’s great idea. I’m in too. :open_mouth:

ha! look at that. my memory isn’t completely gone then!

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