Meeting in Person

I was curious to how many of the people we play with, and have fun with, cry with, go through crazy times with, have we actually met in person with? I’ve only met 1 person from the game in real life. Her game name is LadyofWar. What about you ladies and gents?


I’ve met one person from the game IRL too. Her in-game name is Serenity. It was super nice to meet up! :smile:


I have met four people in the game. But that’s because they are family. My daughter, my grandson, my sister and my brother in law


Not one and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. Australia has only around 25,000 active accounts which means there are probably only ~1100 in my State and I don’t know any of them.


I started the game with a town full of real life life players at one point there were 25 of us in the same city playing. We would meet at bars for beers and have awesome times. Now there is only 4 left of 25. That’s says enough


I haven’t met anyone in person. May be better that way – doesn’t ruin any preconceived notions :laughing: . I can only recall one other forum poster from my local area, with a population close to 4 million I doubt I’d find them.


I haven’t met one yet. And I’m not sure I really want to. It could change the game. Or life. :wink:


I had a great experience Took a flight from NYC to FL. To meet a team mate and we had a Blast with our kids his wife and mines they got along well while we went swimming close to the manatees :smiley::smiley: great Person!. Never thought I would make a friend like Real from the game. Nor saying there is good People here


Still the closest experience I had to meeting an E&P Player “in-real-life.”


I have 2 RL mates in my alliance. One I introduced (sorry :joy:) and one I discovered had been playing for ages F2P. I meet up with one of them every day for lunch and we sit and play E&P in a coffee shop and the other joins us every now and again.

It’s super funny when 3 of us are sat there playing…we’ve had people move tables due to the nerd level we were at. Arguing about mana troops was a classic.

Good times.


my alliance has 3 to 4 factions & all from different time zones. even though there’s some local players i dun intend to meet them anytime partly due to covid partly due to it be better this way like @nevarmaor said.

i had this powerful player (i admit he’s good) & he did some top alliance couple x to test out his abilities. in the end he came back cause top alliance had too much performance pressure & he couldn’t keep up.

but what pixxed me off about him was he would nit pick on me as a leader that i was not leading by example not hitting certain % for titans being lazy on certain stuff bla bla bla in short bringing his own & also top alliance expectations on me.

finally i blew my top & quit & am now leading the 2nd branch. lucky he’s also not same country as me. we do have a line where everyone knows how \we look like & kid around but tat’s the closest i will get

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Not yet! Wouldn’t mind finding out if anybody is close. :thinking:


I can only think of two people who are likely to be as close as 1000km of me potentially. My head is actually public in the forum faces thread; that probably explains the lack of interest. :rofl:

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